Thursday, January 09, 2014

Ticking ghost

It's been another lovely day I'm happy to report. I read all day as the sunlight streamed in through the window and the dog slept, farted in her sleep and slept some more. I took her out for a walk in the evening and there was hardly anyone around as it's the weekend and most people are out dancing, partying or whatever it is people do on Thursday evenings in Dubai.

So I was walking through this slightly lonely and quiet stretch when I heard tik tok tik tok tik tok. I looked around but there was no one in sight. I stopped for a while and the sound stopped too. As I began walking the sound started again, that eerie tik tok tik tok tik tok. I checked my sandals and realised that the sound coincided with my steps. I got a little bit spooked but I kept walking as the sound followed me closely. Then I stopped again and the sound stopped with me. I put my hands in the pockets of my sweater and then it dawned on me that my lighter was ticking against my phone when I walked. Honestly I really felt quite silly.

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