Friday, January 24, 2014

The mall

It was such a slow day yesterday. I decided to do nothing and I was being quite successful at it till evening came and I thought like a true resident of Dubai,"Let's go to the mall". Thursday evenings the mall is always buzzing with people. There were these three clowns making some raucous music and everyone was taking pictures and videos so I took a picture too. We the people of Dubai get very happy about little things. It's one of the charms of the janta here.

I told myself that I would not buy anything and simply walk around and browse. Then I walked into Borders and my resolve began to weaken visibly as I touched brand new books and swam around the aisles like a fish with glasses. I stopped at my favourite aisle 'Classics' and found teen fiction. My heart sank as I thought they literally did away with the classics section. But I found them neatly stacked and displayed prominently at the end of the aisle and the smile came back to play on my lips. I picked up three Thomas Hardy books and spent some time in the stationery section. I looked at all the writing paper and the paints and the canvases and I longed to paint again. I suck at it but I don't care. I just love throwing colour on canvas and it's been way too long. Soon soon.

I strolled along and soon found myself browsing through the dresses on sale in Debenhams. I mean how does one resist not trying out some? I tried six of them and picked a lovely black John Rocha number because I looked good dancing in it. To know if you look good in a dress I highly recommend dancing in the changing room. You'll see yourself move in it and know instantly if the dress works and more importantly if you're totally comfortable in it and when you find yourself smiling with pleasure buy it. My little secret.

I watched the new Jack Ryan film with Chris Pine playing the lead. The film is below average and Keira Knightly has a teenage boy's body topped with a pretty woman's face. She annoys me.


Banno said...

Nothing in particular. Yet so much fun.

parul gahlot said...

Thank you :) Come by often!

ZamaNath said...

nothing in particular…but tells me so much about you. felt like watching a movie…passing by clowns here, browsing there... love the dressing room tip and it wasn't hard visualising you in action! now you have to upload a picture on Facebook and show us how you look!

parul gahlot said...

Thanks so much for coming by Debbie :) will post a pic in the dress soon :)