Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fish cutlet

I had the best fish cutlet today. Anshuman made them in the afternoon and I ate them with great relish and speed tucked between two slices of bread, the cutlet I mean not me. I also look much like a cutlet these days and the above picture is testament to that. Anyway back to Anshuman's cutlets, I mean fish cutlets cooked by Anshuman. I liked them so much I went back and got more fish in the evening and now I have pretty much bulldozed him into making them again. The darling that he is, he's making them.
Unlike me Anshuman likes to cook. Most of the time his experiments turn out well. I'm lucky. He takes criticism very well too and I can be honest about the masala and other stuff. I think his father has passed on his cooking skills to him. He also cooks exceptionally well.
It's strange that when I started writing this I was going to write a poem but it ended up being prose and sometimes the opposite happens...strange

Monday, December 11, 2006

On a day like today

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you know it's going to be a beautiful day no matter how much you may try to screw it up. Today is precisely such a day. It's wonderful, breezy and cool outside with a cloudy colorful sky thrown in. You can take a look through the window and know that God has made His intentions very clear now it's upto you to follow His lead and make something of the morning, afternoon and night. It's your responsibility to go out and meet life with open arms and a cheerful stride.
Ah! I feel so good. I'll have a cup of tea covered with a blanket and the dog, supported by two pillows on my sofa and read a novel till I fall asleep. God's intentions though all good require too much effort. All I know is that this day is bound to be good inside and out.


a bunch of half truths

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Heaven's autorickshaw

If she walks out on you at 5 am
wades through thigh high rain
runs towards an auto rickshaw
that's always there like a speck of a
vision from heaven's window pane

Don't try to follow
or try to guess where she's off to
She may be running beacause she can
She may have stopped to sit with you for 2 years
because mostly you're a funny guy

Wait for about 7 months
You will get a letter may be
with a lipstick mark luscious and full
and if you're not careful it
will cause your wife to quarrel

So if she leaves at 5 am
and all music sounds like a broken nail
just know that she will find that autorickshaw
come rain, storm or hail

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Susu potty

My little puppy is 5 months old. It has been a joy and a pain to watch her grow. When you open the door to come home she does a little ballerina dance on her hind legs around you. I sometimes feel like putting her in a tutu and taking a picture. Anshuman usually stands outside till she completes her dance which lasts for a good 5 minutes.
The thing with her is that she gets equally excited about anyone that comes home and wants to lick their faces wet. I have stopped wiping my face after food as she does the job so much better although Anshuman hates it. "Papa no like lickie!" he says which she neither understands nor listens to. She has the most elegant way of getting your attention. She gently touches my arm with a paw till I either pick her up or give her food. I pick her up a lot and pretty much treat her like a tiny person. I have been told on good authority that dogs need discipline. I have spoilt her terribly I confess. I've never had a dog before. May be it is my need to smother her so much but she certainly seems to love it.
She is allowed on the furniture. She likes to jump on the bed. She quietly gets into bed in the morning and goes to sleep happily. Though things have changed since the last two days. We got a crate ( a large metal grilled cage) for her and now she spends a lot of time in it. It became necessary to potty train her. She used to go on a newspaper since she was too young to be taken out.
The first night she cried so much and sometimes it really felt like a child crying. It was like the first night when we got her home. I kept going to reassure her half the night and anshuman the rest. She is doing much better now that she knows whenever she goes into the crate she gets a piece of chicken as a treat.
She really enjoys going out and sniffs around everything, sometimes digs in the sand and brings me bottle caps or some other junk she lays her mouth on. I ofcourse have to stick my finger in her mouth to get rid of the foriegn object. It reminds me of my sister. She used to eat large ants and mud as a kid and I was forever sticking my finger in her mouth to get it out.
I never thought I would get so much joy in watching a puppy successfully pee and crap in the open !!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Anshuman likes to climb hills.
I always resist and then eventually follow.
We always come across a fantastic view from the top.
and then we take a picture... enclosed in the camera we carry a fraction of real beauty and a lot of love.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Diwali

Here's wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous Diwali
and may this winter be pleasant and beautiful!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A woman's heart

Please read Anshuman's story titled ' A woman's heart'. It's one of the most touching stories I've ever read.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Come to my home
and I will show you a dvd
Come stand by the bedroom window
so I can tell you about his six half read books
Come take a look into the drawers
that I organised six months ago
Come relax in our study
find your fortune in six decks of cards
Come look in that corner
holding the bags we came in
Come I'll teach you how to use
the music system remote
Come have a drink
juice, whiskey, vodka, beer or flavored sparkling water
Come eat at our table that we never use
Kababs, chiken, mutton, dal, rice, rotis and more
Come take a look around
you'll find the dog follows gladly
Come and stay
here at home

Friday, September 29, 2006

Adi and Atul's tag

I will try to write 8 things about me....

1. I literally like getting cold feet and then sit for 15 minutes doing nothing but feeling them get warm inside a quilt.

2. I am passionate about Tarot cards and collect different decks. Someday I hope to teach tarot.

3. I once took off from hostel to Mandu with three other friends at 2 in the night. Most exciting journey ever. While coming back there was a convoy of police following our bus as dacoits frequented that area and the driver was drunk. At one point he stopped on the road and sat down in the middle of it. Good fun.

4. I learnt hindustani classical music for 4 years in school but made no use of it whatsoever and now can hardly carry a tune.

5. I dislike people overly concerned with appearances and propriety. I prefer casual even shabby people who think little before they speak and therefore have a high dgree of transparency.

6. If given a choice ( and I have had that choice for some time) I would spend all my days reading books and dreaming weird dreams.

7. I love painting water colours to death but I spoil at least fifty sheets before coming up with one semi decent one.

8. I always talk to taxi drivers despite having been told specifically not to. I can't help it they sometimes have really intersting stories to tell.

I will not tag anyone but if anyone would like to take it up do let me know!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Officially Overweight

You know that you are officially overweight ( politically correct for fat) when you try the low waist jeans, high waist jeans, stretch jeans and in a final attempt to fit into denim gear you try your husband's jeans and of course none of them fit. So let's say you find a large ghagra type skirt which has to fit you because it has a naara instead of elastic ( Thank God) So you get into it and then look for the perfect top- top No. 1 bunches up at the back. Top no 2 squashes your your topular area into a flatland instead of graceful twin peaks. Top no. 3 is faded and is the wrong colour you try the top you bought from the men's section is shopper's stop but your husband looks better in it than you do. So you end up wearing the black long sleeved top for the umpteenth time because someone ( actually a lot of people) said that black gives the illusion of slimness. I have tried to delude myself with this black is slimming theory but frankly it sucks.
So then finally you manage to get ready...mix two shades of lipstick which only serve to highlight the hair growth on your upper lipular area... you notice the unshaped eyebrows and think about the much needed trip to the beauty salon...although lately you get the feeling that you come out looking exactly the same after more than one painful procedures having been performed on you. to top it all off you put on your oversized glasses as you have lost one of your contact lenses and viola! there you are in all your fat F****** glory!
Your husband smiles at you and asks- ' Do I look like Collin Farrell?'
And you say-' Ya baby. How do I look?'
And he says-'Nice.'
You smile and pick up the dog who licks you all over your face... and it gladdens your heart. The dog has absolutely no clue that you're fat...she's just happy that she has a cushy tummy to fall asleep on.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Introducing Checkers

She plays and whines and jumps

and runs and slides and hides

and whimpers and cries

and kisses and cuddles

and sleeps

and pees and poos.

She's mine

and I love her.

( The text on the picture is written by Anshuman)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday gift

Motorola PEBL. My new cellphone. Thank you Anshuman. You're the bestest!

I'm 32

I am 32 years old as of day before yesterday. Spent the weekend at Oasis Beach hotel, a surprise gift from Anshuman. Some friends came over and we had a blast on friday night. Anshuman gave me a cell phone which I have fallen in love with. It's the cutest lil thing. I keep opening and closing it like a kid. I also got a hand bag and t shirt. I just love gifts. can't wait to unwrap them and jump for joy!
By the way the T-shirt says : ' The more people I meet the more I like Rufus' You have to read the post below to get what it means. It's been the best birthday in a long time! Can't wait for my next birthday!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sleep, visa and hypothetical dog

I have not felt like writing anything for a long time now. I have been writing stuff for other people. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I guess it's like that with jobs. Thankfully I do mine at home so I can sleep whenever I feel like. Sleep is the most important thing to me in life. I love it. Have always loved it. It's the most natural state of my body to be in. It's the dreams which pull me down to the pillows. I feel strange when I can't remember some bizarre dream or the other in the morning. I think it's also the feeling of being in womb as you feel warm and safe inside a quilt protected from the cold outside world on the other hand I might have been a cat in my last life.
I went to Oman to get my visa changed from a visit to residence. I tried four lipsticks one on top of the other at the Dubai airport. Had a tiramisu dessert at one of the cafes. Took a picture of myself on a public computer meant just for that and sent it to my father and Anshuman but they never got it. I walked around browsing at the duty free till my legs gave out. The flight took off late. I got off at Oman. Got into the airport. Collected my boarding pass and got into the plane back to Dubai. Bought some alcohol and cigarettes at the duty free and then decided to go to a pet shop.
Yes I have been obsessed with the idea of getting a puppy for the last month or so. There's a place called K9 which advertises regualarly in the paper. They keep stray dogs. One white as snow puppy was so cute that I wanted him right away but my wise beyond his years husband had reservations. We talked about it between us and then with our friends. The verdict was the same. Puppies are really cute but they need a lot of caring and training. You can't leave them alone for too long or else they get depressed plus this country doesn't allow dogs anywhere. I got dissuaded for a while but I constantly imagined a small furry thing running up to the bed and licking my face or following me around or sleeping in my lap or running up to me with a small bark when I get home. I already love my hypothetical dog who has been named by CK ( a friend) Rufus.
So like I was saying I went to the pet shop. The small dogs who were all 4 months old were in small pens and except for two of them all were asleep. I was not allowed to touch them for health reasons. Two chihuahuas were sleeping together in a tub and one of them came out to see me. I really like a furry snow white fellow who lazily looked up at me. Somehow there was an atmosphere of sadness in that place. They were all homeless pedigree or not. I asked the price. Each one costs Rs. 78000.
I came back home with the booze and the ciggies and the hypothetical dog. To be brutally honest I love my hypothetical dog just as much as my sleep...almost as much.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The friend and the taxi ride

I finally made a friend I thought. This woman, who comes to my yoga class. I have been very impressed with her because she can not only touch her toes but actually hold them at the same time touching her nose to her knees.

I have been told by the teacher that I am not making an effort. I want to tell her that my stomach of concrete comes in the way of me touching my nose to the knees.

There is a big shop called Choithram's, close to where my new friend stays. I decided to walk with her to this shop whose name honestly sounds like a hardcore hindi cuss word. She invited me to her place and have something. I saw a lot of things in the shop but the new friend did not stop at any of the aisles and then breezed out of the shop with me following sullenly behind. I think may be she was in a hurry to be with her young son and daughter.

I met her daughter who is all of one n a half years old. My favourite kind of child. She easily came to me and according to her mum never cries even when she's hungry. I used to bring the house down as a baby I'm told. What a pain it must have been for my mother.

We sat down and chatted about stuff like husbands and our identical lamps from IKEA. After a while she asked me what I wanted to have and as usual I said, 'Nothing'. I thought she would insist in the truly bhartiya tradition but we moved onto some other topic. She asked me again and I realised it was my cue to get going. I waved bye bye to the little girl and the mom with a cheery' See you sunday!' Going down the lift I wondered if she counts as a friend, rather what counts as a friend?

And then the killer traffic wiped my mind's slate clean. I got into a taxi which takes me 5 to 7 minutes to get me home.
The Arab taxidriver asked me, “No Arabi?”
"No Arabi” I said
"Arabi la, no arabi.” He said
”No Arabi, Arabi la.” I mimicked
”Yamin left. Yamin?” He asked
”Left.” I replied
”Left?” He asked
'Yamin.' I replied
'Yasar right. Yasar?' He continued my education
'Right' I said
'Right?' He asked
'Yasar' I said
'I love you - Habibi' And then he laughed like the idiot that he obviously was.
'Now where?' he asked
'Yamin' I said
' Shukran' I said as I got off and didn't look back.

Got home and had four slices of toast with heavenly peach preserve and a cup of tea. There is something so divine about that last sentence.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Small tiny little things

Hot water serene in the tub
Blue fluffy bath mat
Blue fluffy towel
Uncombed wet cold hair

Creamy fluffy omelette
Crispy dry toast
Thumping the sauce bottle
Tea in new green cups

Quiet mild morning
of the married kind

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dear blog

Ever since I got here I have been shopping incessently. I have been to at least four shopping malls. All sorts of brands are available. I have no fear of escalators anymore. I saw Syriana( Understood very little of it), Darna Zaroori hai( 1st 15 mins as Anshuman and I didn't like the film) Mistress of Spices ( Aishwarya Rai looks like a zombie in another bad film) Ice Age 2 ( Loved it, must see, only two other people were in the theatre) It seems there are more seats in the theatres here as compared to the number people. I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.
I went to this lovely place called Irish Village in Dubai. Very nice. It has life size sculptures of three men sitting with various musical instruments. A firang boy sings live every evening. The songs are familiar and enjoyable.
I have met more new people in a span of two weeks than I did in the last couple of months. Most of them are in advertising alongwith Anshuman. My yoga classes are going well. I still can't touch my toes. The deep relaxation exercise is very relaxing. Lie on your back in shavasana and close your eyes....Relaaax...Observe your toes...relaaax, observe your ankles...relaaax, observe your on and so forth!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The conveyer belts of Dubai

It was my first time walking on a conveyer belt. Anshuman warned me that I should stop just before getting off otherwise I would get thrown off like he did when he got here. We waited for another conveyer belt to spew out our baggage and excess baggage. I got my retina scanned at the airport.
Went to the Supermarket to buy sabzi and there was a cute little conveyer belt there too right next to the cash counter. Then ofcourse another one to take the trolley down from the first floor right upto the taxi cab. I don't know what happened to lifting and walking although I am not complaining.
I went to IKEA and that was a pleasure beyond words. Their furniture is just beautiful. My darling husband looked almost scared at the expression of happiness on my face. I realised that the mattress of our new bed costs more than the bed itself. I got the chest of drawers I always wanted. I will transfer my squashed clothes from the suitcase into the drawers. The storage area at IKEA was so huge that it reminded me of the perspective drawings I never managed to make at NID. I felt like a tiny little person in a good way. They just came and assembled everything and it all looks great.
I tried my hand at cooking after a loong time. The dal chawal was ok but I think I burnt the sabzi a little bit. Anshuman liked it anyway. He is my husband after all he has to like it! Will try something else today.
Everything is new. I'm taking it one day at a time. Ever since I got here I feel like becoming an international spy with my new passport, learning a few languages, losing some weight and going to all sorts of new places with conveyer belts... or may be I could be an interpreter.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Delhi Bombay

I took the flight to Bombay day before yesterday. The flight was rocky and the food was bad. The Subway sandwich sucked. I don't know why so many people eat the dry subway sandwich. My co passenger was a young boy fresh out of school called Vikram Singh. He noticed me looking inside the sandwich and told me to ' just have it!'. I still couldn't finish it.

I'm slightly scared of flying. The moment the plane picks up speed on the runway I get a little nervous. I had little time to be afraid this time as the boy Vikram kept complaing about how hot it was. He is taking a break after studies and training to be a pilot. His father is rich and therefore can afford to let him be. I took the advice of another pilot who told me to relax my body and distract my self with a magazine. I followed to the letter, read and wrote in my little notebook. The flight landed on time. I made it.

Standing in line for the luggage I looked out for Anshuman. I remembered my parents in Delhi. I thought that I would cry at the airport but I didn't. When I used to go to Ahmedabad to study I would always cry a little bit in the train. This time strangely enough there were only smiles.

I found Anshuman at the arrival gate. I met him after 6 months but hugging him felt like home. Everything felt fine.

The rude traffic jam told me in the voices of horns, engines, exhaust pipes, fumes I was temporarily home from another home and about to go to another home in another country that I have never been to. Bombay UAE next.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Big Space

This is Suzanne Vega. My dearest wish in life is to hear her singing live. Sometimes I feel she has already said pretty much all I want to say and obviously better...
This is what I'm listening to today...

Big Space

He said you stand in your own shoes
I said I'd rather stand in someone else's
He said you look from your direction
I said I like to keep perspective

Close to the middle of the network
It seems we're looking for a center
What if it turns out to be hollow
We could be fixing what is broken

Between the pen and the paperwork
I know there's passion in the language
Between the muscle and the brainwork
There must be feeling in the pipeline

Beyond the duty and the discipline
I know there's anger in a cold place
All feelings fall into the big space
Swept up like garbage on a weekend

All feeling
falls into the big space
All feeling
Swept into the
Avenues of angels

Monday, March 20, 2006

Loving circles

They walked parallel broken lines
and then fate crumpled the paper
They met and they touched
and scrawled love in broad strokes

For years and years
they swam in loving circles
and then he set the paper on fire
They walked parallel lines

He promised to meet
in an infinite time and space
She felt the neverness of it
and longed for the circles

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Holi

Here's wishing everyone a colourful and safe holi!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Khan Market and March rain

I was walking around in Khan market. I had to pick up my new fancy glasses. They are those narrow kind and I can see the whole frame in my vision. Everyone likes them so much that I’m wearing them anyway although I miss my old big glasses. I know I will change back very soon.
I looked around the market for the perfect black top for a skirt I bought a few weeks back. I haven’t found it. Whenever I like something my sister says, 'It’s LS ( Low Society)' whereas my skirt is 'HS (High Society)’ Whenever she approves of something I feel like I look fat in it or else it’s just too expensive. Finally I bought a double sided belt.
I walked into bookshops out of habit. I asked for tarot cards. I already have six decks. I found a new one but didn’t like the illustrations much. I loved the journal and book it comes with. I stayed undecided for about ten minutes in each shop and then finally walked out twice.
As I waited for Papa to come and pick me up I walked around window shopping, looking at people, firangs and cute cuddly babies. Only in Khan market have I come across a small and beautiful shop which sells aromatic products like flowers, candles and incense etc. That’s what I call niche.
I quickly got myself a veg burger when Papa called. He bought some lovely flowers for home from a vendor while I gobbled down my burger. It was a truly messy affair. As we walked towards the car I felt a shower and I looked up expecting to see a leaky tank or desert cooler. A second later it started to pour. People were gasping in amazement. We got into the car and got on to the road. Electricity thundered in the sky and went off on the ground. We got stuck in traffic. A hailstorm ensued and we waited to the sound of radio as the traffic lights were out and everyone had managed to get entangled at the crossing. The traffic cop came soon.
We began moving at slow and steady pace. The irritating RJ kept talking on the radio. I heard the remix version of my favorite song from Zinda and despaired. Papa understood perfectly. He hates remixes more than anyone I know. We reached the Nizamuddin bridge and he said’ There will be four broken down fiats stuck on the road and it will take us 45 minutes to get home.’ We counted two cars and eight auto rickshaws broken down on the road. Dad switched to tape and sang along with it. He’s most happy when he’s singing. We got home safe and sound. Right at this moment he is celebrating the rain with a drink and a tape of his favorite songs…phir wohi shaam wohi gam wohi tanhai hai… dil ko samjhane teri yaad chali aayi hai
Nobody writes songs like this anymore. I think they just can't.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dream inside a week

think about you all the time
try to count droplets in the rain
and then try to count I love yous
Both defy numbers
sometimes wish for wings
sometimes wish to move time
in and out of space
run along living skies
breathe inside your skin
change the roads
and addresses
live in someone else's house
for a dream inside a week

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jolvin's tag of four

Four jobs I have had:
Promo producer
Creative consultant
Content writer

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Choti si baat
Jerry Maguire
Three colours Blue

Four places I've lived:
Ghaziabad UP
Ahmedabad GUJRAT

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Desperate Housewives
Six Feet Under

Four places I've been to on vacation:
Simla, Narkanda

Four of my favorite foods:
Chole chawal
Dal chawal
Macchi curry chawal
Chawal chawal chawal

Four places I'd rather be right now:
Right here
Couple of years later
Couple of years back
where time cannot move

Four sites I visit daily:
Nothing in particular

and I ain't tagging anyone, though I enjoyed this tag!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Extending yourself

In many ways you extend your arms
much further than they can reach
People extend their visas, houses and leave
I tend to extend myself

Numbers and extensions define
lives in cubicles
Subtle coloured chairs and brown desks
Life goes around the corners barely touching

It fleetingly divides itself into
complex and organised fractals
Life must inherently be contained not extended
Contained in blue jars of pickled memories

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Undone kisses

For a few years few words have been lost

swept under trees and wet in the rain

Few truths have been left broken

by the windows of waiting patiently

Some love has travelled through irises

Only to lose direction in labyrinths of two minds

A few kisses are still undone

Mere piya

Mere piya gaye rangoon
kiya hai wahan se telephoon
tumhari yaad satati hai
jiya mein aag lagati hai

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The aftershave

As I opened my eyes today
A fragrance came through the door
It sounded like the aftershave I dislike
I've woken up with it many times before

I felt like buying a bottle
and singing it all over the breeze
that is freezing my heart
while you sweat in the airconditioning

The presence of your absence
It's still like cold winds that
I cannot get used to

Friday, January 06, 2006

The song fairy

Once upon a time there was a fairy. She was six inches tall and no one could see her. God created her on a whim when he was sitting bored on a mountain top and everything was serene. He took the snow in his fingers and made the form of a woman and then as an afterthought collected a few clouds and shaped them as wings.
After having created her he realised that she was much too naive and delicate so he decided to send her to a school for angels simply called Angels Preperatory Home. This was a school well known in the realms of heaven for it's superior education system. The fairy was excited to go to this fancy school although God was worried considering her fragility and innocence so he gives her a wand with a mirror on top. He said to her - "Whenever you want to speak to me all you have to do is talk to this mirror."
She reached the school and realised what a beautiful place it was. The entire wooden school was on the largest tree in a small city in heaven. The angels wore beautiful multicoloured robes and flew from one place to another. She fluttered between the trees and walked on the dew drops. In the night when humans were asleep all the wise teachers and the angels gathered in the largest room in the tree school. she waited for her turn to speak when everyone introduced themselves to the teachers.
When she spoke the room became silent. Everyone started looking at each other wondering where the voice was coming from. She suddenly realised that no one could see her. Tears fell from the eyes of the little fairy and she flew out of the largest room in the treehouse. Her face began to melt as the tears made cracks in her face. She looked into the mirror and saw a hazy image of the sunflower behind her as her eyes were almost gone. She said," God, why can't anyone see me? I want to be seen!" The mirror did not reply.
Suddenly a butterfly came fluttering around her and said," Why did God give me such a short life?" The butterfly fell in the center of a sunflower. The fairy stopped crying and touched the wings. Her hands took on the colour of the butterfly. She caught the image of her hand in the mirror. She was unable to contain her happiness. Thrilled that God had sent her a solution to her tears she applied the colours of the butterfly's wings all over herself.
This time when she went into the largest room of the treehouse everyone smiled at her and welcomed her into the family. The fairy learnt that her final job would be to go to earth and grant wishes to people who are deserving. She carefully mastered the skill of granting wishes. She learnt the words to be spoken in the mind before and after the wish is granted. Her teachers were happy with her progress and one day she along with some others was dropped from the heavens into the world of men.
She followed the others and reached the ground. She saw people walking around in a hurry. She coughed as she inhaled the grey air. She waited for the evening to fall. She got inside a small house through the window and heard a little boy lying in bed. He was wishing that his English teacher would not come to school tomorrow as he had forgotten to do his homework. The fairy fluttered on top of the bed and granted his wish. The boy's eyes opened and he screamed at the wildly coloured large insect hovering above him. The fairy screamed as well and flew out of the window.
She felt heartbroken and wondered why the boy screamed. She decided to try again. This time the young woman she granted a wish to chased her with a large fly swatter. The fairy looked into the mirror again and said, " God I don't want to be seen!" The mirror remained silent.
Suddenly water began falling from the skies. The fairy stood in a pool of colour. The butterfly's wings got washed away from her skin. She walked slowly and sat on a bench in the park.

A man came and sat next to her. He seemed sad as he had just lost his job.The fairy touched him with her wand and a newspaper boy appeared. The man looked at the jobs section and circled an ad. As he got up he began to sing a song which came into his mind from nowhere.

The fairy smiled and puts a song in the newspaper boy's mind. He sang along selling his newspapers. She worked all night putting songs into the minds of men women and children. She remained silent and was never seen.

So the next time you find songs swimming in your mind... know that the little fairy is near.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The shy moon
tries hard to hide
Six weeks of clearsil
and the spots won't go

The stars laugh
at the sight
How would any of us be
if it weren't for the dark night

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Anthology of pain

She found in her eyes
the heridity of pain
She felt in the flesh
of a dead black heart
the memory of pain
She saw in her palms
the linearity of pain
She understood
from a fallen star
the astrology of pain
She knew in the
moment of separation
the death of pain
She wrote with salt water
the anthology of pain