Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm so vain...

I'm so vain, I think every song is about me :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


the hazard of working full time is that post lunch you tend to fall asleep on your desk with your chin in the cradle of your palm. I think one should be given time to take power naps which are generally good for an employee's health but then I am a true and literal dreamer. I like the day dreams but the real morning dreams are a nightmare. I don't think that sentence makes any sense whatsoever. Anyway after the longest time I am writing on the blog because I have absolutely nothing else to do which could effectively keep me awake. I have to continue typing away for the longest time so that my lids do not become heavy and droop and then comfortably close in a formal office atmosphere.

I had a horrible dream in the morning. There's a reason for that. Every morning Anshuman and I lie half awake half asleep in bed and try to get the other to wake up and make tea. So we had the same ritual today and I fell asleep after the unpleasant half asleep conversation. I overslept and had a horrible dream to boot. I dreamt that Anshuman was very unhappy and was going to leave me because I don't cook every morning and every night. And then some people shut me in a dark room and I kept screaming to be let out and Anshuman didn't come to rescue me.

I don't know what the dream meant but it made sure I had a horrible morning. I gulped my tea, brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed my clothes and ran out to chase a taxi. Taxis are moody. sometimes there are a large number of them and sometimes there are more people and less cabs. And then invariably you end up getting frustrated because the cabbie does not have change to give you.

So you rush to the office to realise that no one is on time today. The damn office is empty and if the receptionist had been missing too I would have thought someone forgot to tell me that the weekends had already arrived.

The weekend begins day after tomorrow but even my weekends are full of tarot readings and doctor's visits. Honestly I'm a little tired and need some tender loving care...

The new issue of the magazine i've started working for is coming out on sunday. So that's a good thing that i'm looking forward to. will send a copy to my parents and in-laws. They will feel happy and on thath cheerful thought i will say adios!