Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Anybody home?

The blank space stares
The line blinks like a heartbeat
The day is cold and dim
Pupils knocking on the screen

Sunday, November 27, 2005

For two days

A song on the tip of my tongue
I hum desperately
Halfway through the tune
Partial words spill over

And then you sing it
totally off key
and finally
I can sing my song

How can I ever thank you!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Would you?

If you asked me to
I would excuse myself
I would excuse myself
and tell the grim reaper
I'm wanted elsewhere

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Wake up in the middle of the day... eat chole chawal... sit in the sun for a long time...mom puts henna in the hair... will hide the grey temporarily...feels cool and warm at the same time...stray dog comes and falls asleep at my feet... makes me want to go back to sleep ... have already slept for 12 hours... a cat walks out of my home... looks at the dog and jumps up to go into the park... three pigeons eat bajra at the neighbour's house...
If I go inside for sometime the pigeons will come to the gate of our small lawn... I sit without moving a muscle... about half an hour passes by... one pigeon comes... another one circles around but doesn't sit n eat... a little birdie comes... she is black and gray... she does R&D of our little lawn... She decides not to live in the birdhouse like all the other birdies before her... I want to smile but it might make her go away... I'm not done watching her... She goes away...
I look up...I see a black not so tiny birdie... it has the cutest tiny orange ass... I look n look n look till it goes away... I cut my nails otherwise mom will cut them... I get online... hubby is on msn... he tells me the black n grey birdie is called Purple Sun Bird... the orange ass is called Bulbul... I want to go buy that box... blue, green and beautiful...
I want to listen to Lazy days by Enya... the cd is in Bombay... have you ever felt the craving for a song you just couldn't have... it's sweet sweet mildest form of pain... time to wash the henna... oh what a laze laze beautiful day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The fair

Went to the trade fair with Papa on a Sunday. It's almost a tradition. I always go with Papa to PragatiMaidan and see the fair. There were so many people it was hard to concentrate on any one thing... bought a beautiful box and later realised they make it in Noida which is next door to where I live.

I love boxes of all shapes and sizes and materials. I have my eye on another box. I will buy it if it is still there when I go to this beautiful shop called next in Noida. I have already been there twice and resisted buying it. If I go there another time I won't resist.

You shouldn't go to the Trade fair in Delhi on a Sunday. We were lucky to get in although we had to go to the Metro station to get the tickets. The station is a huge space and looks very nice. I hope to take a ride on the train sometime soon.

They had to keep shutting off the entrance to the fair due to the number of people already inside. They were encouraging the people who were already there to leave so that other people could come inside. We had to walk and walk and walk to get to the car. I managed to sit in the open air furniture section for some time on a swing. That was nice.

I love my box and the other one which I don't have yet too. That one is a small hexagonal blue box in stone with a green shiny circle in the middle. So many times people ask why I love boxes so much? I'm not sure. If I think hard enough I'm sure I could present you with a logical reason but it's just that as long as I can remember I've liked them. Lots of people do.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bless you God

Supposed to have been legally married today.
He couldn't come.
They say if he doesn't come by Christmas apply again.
Husband+Wife+3 witnesses+Registrar+Ration Card Original+6 signatures= Marriage.
How cool is that?
All that hoopla in Delhi 5 years ago.
Hundreds of guests.
We've been living in sin.
How exciting is that?

I leave for Delhi tomorrow.
Delhi in winter.
With my family.
After eons.
Bless you God.