Sunday, January 19, 2014


So I've come to the grave decision of finally firing my cook. However much my cooking may suck his sucks far worse. And yet it has not been an easy decision because there was this mythical security in knowing that someone is going to make dinner. But now that I'm at home it makes no sense to have him come and mess up cutting and grating simple vegetables and then me doing all the cooking. He grates what I want cut and cuts what I want grated and does as little as possible. I lost my temper today. Nothing was done right as he was busy chatting with the man maid who is his room mate. I yelled at him and I think he understands that his stint as my cook is coming to an end. He is a good boy but he's just such a horrible cook and I have no patience to teach him. I'll just end up losing my temper so I've decided to lose him instead.

So now I will cook everyday and bore you with how bad I sucked or succeeded. Well you don't really have a choice because my space, my life and my words. Today I made Matar Paneer which turned out to be quite bland because I added too much water to it. I ate it right away anyway because I was really famished. Anshuman took one bite and put the sabzi back on the burner to boil it more and make the water steam away. I will taste it again tomorrow and report how bad it still is.

I have no idea about how much to cook. I always end up cooking for six people when the simple goal is to cook for two. Considering what a fabulous cook my mother is I should be ashamed of how terrible I am but you know I'm not. After all I'm not her and I never will be. I accept that.

It was really cold when Ninna and I went for our walk together. There's a place where she always turns left when she's supposed to go straight. Today I let her guide me and we took a circuitous route. She got to sniff new places and a variety of doggy pee I'm sure. She's usually very happy when I take her out but today she seemed particularly excited. She was running so fast that after a while I had to quicken my pace to keep up with her. The weather is beautiful these days. The breeze made the tip of my nose so cold. I love it when that happens.

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