Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Frog Mansion

So I went to this meeting of storytellers. It's a bunch of people who come together every month and based on a selected topic share a story from their life. It was interesting to say the least, a lot of fun and I got to meet some wonderful new people. The event was organised by Devyani who speaks with her hands just as much as her voice much like myself. I'd met her before but it just didn't click when I saw her there. My apologies yet again Devyani! But as always I digress.

We met on a Tuesday night at Shekhar's place and I was completely charmed by his colourful home. It's so accurate that every home reflects the personality of the people who inhabit it. A row of colourful bottles was the first to catch my eye, some of them with twisted necks, no it's not as gory as it sounds. Along with the riot of colours around the house Shekhar's chilled out, whimsical and overall sunny personality made the evening come alive.

That's Shekhar talking animatedly, possibly about all the frogs in his home. If you look carefully you'll see three of them in yoga poses. Even the loo is overrun by a gazillion frogs looking at you making sure you're comfortable in your special seat! I thought it was just so cute, so different from anything I'd ever seen that I was inspired to write about it. I mean I've never seen stoles hanging on picture frames! Just so quirky!

What can I say? This painting just stole my heart and made me wish I was a kleptomaniac. Shekhar has two of these beauties and I've dropped elephant sized hints about how much I would love one of them. I mean why does one need two of the same picture? Right Shekhar?! Wink! Wink!

And those are all the little frog friends which grace the loo. The thing is in Vietnam when you go to someone's home you take along a frog for prosperity and that was the beginning of Shekhar's collection as he spent a couple of years in the country.

A beautiful Warli painting is definitely one of my favourites.

And a bright orange stole sets off beautiful blue fish on China plates. The yummy dinner was a wonderful home cooked meal. I brought the chana back in a doggy bag. I loved it. Thanks again Shekhar for having us in your lovely home!

And that's me at the Vet's place holding Mili because she wouldn't stop barking. I had to yell and then pick her up and then sing to her. The receptionist was most amused.