Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday gift

Motorola PEBL. My new cellphone. Thank you Anshuman. You're the bestest!

I'm 32

I am 32 years old as of day before yesterday. Spent the weekend at Oasis Beach hotel, a surprise gift from Anshuman. Some friends came over and we had a blast on friday night. Anshuman gave me a cell phone which I have fallen in love with. It's the cutest lil thing. I keep opening and closing it like a kid. I also got a hand bag and t shirt. I just love gifts. can't wait to unwrap them and jump for joy!
By the way the T-shirt says : ' The more people I meet the more I like Rufus' You have to read the post below to get what it means. It's been the best birthday in a long time! Can't wait for my next birthday!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sleep, visa and hypothetical dog

I have not felt like writing anything for a long time now. I have been writing stuff for other people. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I guess it's like that with jobs. Thankfully I do mine at home so I can sleep whenever I feel like. Sleep is the most important thing to me in life. I love it. Have always loved it. It's the most natural state of my body to be in. It's the dreams which pull me down to the pillows. I feel strange when I can't remember some bizarre dream or the other in the morning. I think it's also the feeling of being in womb as you feel warm and safe inside a quilt protected from the cold outside world on the other hand I might have been a cat in my last life.
I went to Oman to get my visa changed from a visit to residence. I tried four lipsticks one on top of the other at the Dubai airport. Had a tiramisu dessert at one of the cafes. Took a picture of myself on a public computer meant just for that and sent it to my father and Anshuman but they never got it. I walked around browsing at the duty free till my legs gave out. The flight took off late. I got off at Oman. Got into the airport. Collected my boarding pass and got into the plane back to Dubai. Bought some alcohol and cigarettes at the duty free and then decided to go to a pet shop.
Yes I have been obsessed with the idea of getting a puppy for the last month or so. There's a place called K9 which advertises regualarly in the paper. They keep stray dogs. One white as snow puppy was so cute that I wanted him right away but my wise beyond his years husband had reservations. We talked about it between us and then with our friends. The verdict was the same. Puppies are really cute but they need a lot of caring and training. You can't leave them alone for too long or else they get depressed plus this country doesn't allow dogs anywhere. I got dissuaded for a while but I constantly imagined a small furry thing running up to the bed and licking my face or following me around or sleeping in my lap or running up to me with a small bark when I get home. I already love my hypothetical dog who has been named by CK ( a friend) Rufus.
So like I was saying I went to the pet shop. The small dogs who were all 4 months old were in small pens and except for two of them all were asleep. I was not allowed to touch them for health reasons. Two chihuahuas were sleeping together in a tub and one of them came out to see me. I really like a furry snow white fellow who lazily looked up at me. Somehow there was an atmosphere of sadness in that place. They were all homeless pedigree or not. I asked the price. Each one costs Rs. 78000.
I came back home with the booze and the ciggies and the hypothetical dog. To be brutally honest I love my hypothetical dog just as much as my sleep...almost as much.