Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Love Note 3

So people I got me a new phone. The iPhone had been giving me trouble for a while and then finally I dropped it and the screen cracked really badly. I got the Samsung Note 3 which has a really large screen so it's like a mini tab. So far so good.  The point is that it has a fabulous camera. The iPhone camera used to suck. This is the first picture I took on it. It automatically made my skin look good and the other options are pretty good too. I've been happily downloading all my apps and generally setting up the phone which has taken me all afternoon. This phone is definitely great for blogging. It's easy to upload the pictures. The big screen makes typing quite painless. So far so good.

Yesterday was a miserable little day I'd rather forget. I was in bed all day feeling sick. I'm fine now. I finally got my IKEA shopping from the car to the house. Everything is still lying neatly packed in paper bags because I got hooked on to this phone. But I will get it all done in good time for now I have to figure out how to stop this phone from tik tiking every time I touch an alphabet. 

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