Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My girls

So my kitchen is in truly shit shape thanks to the duffer of a cook. Ankita the true Empress of Organisation drove all of us to IKEA to help me shop for some new jars and stuff. After a yummy Dhansak and rice lunch we packed into the car and I was only too glad being in the back seat with the kids. Sohana fell asleep in the first five minutes leaning against me. I put my arm around her and she slept like an angel. She's a handful when awake but I admit I enjoy her antics so much. I love the fact that she bursts into a song or a smile without warning or reason.
No trip to IKEA is complete without going to the cafe so we went and picked only three desserts. The coffee came free with the desserts. There were three machines. I fought with my machine punching the Latte button with a vengeance but not a drop of the promised brew. Ankita's machine overflowed with too much. Coffee machines are like that all over the world I think. I've battled a few personally.

That's Ahana and I taking a selfie in one of the myriad mirrors in IKEA. She is so different from Sohana. Amazingly articulate, graceful and careful about everything she does. I've had some wonderful conversations with her. For a while in the home furnishings section Sohana, Ahana and I were left alone by the mummies and we held hands and danced together to a peppy Beatles song. People smiled indulgently as they walked by but three year olds and a nutty woman didn't care about how they looked. Girls just wanna have fun is serious wisdom from Cyndi Lauper. We take it very seriously. 

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