Sunday, August 07, 2011

Dubai, city of life

There's a movie called 'City of Life'. It's about a few threads of stories that happen in the city of Dubai. It truly is the city of life.I've been here for the past five years and have grown leaps and bounds along with it. When I came here we used to live in Sharjah and visits to Dubai were few and far between. I couldn't really recognize much aside from the 'pointy buildings' the Emirates Towers. They were after all the tallest buildings in Dubai at one point before Burj Khalifa towered above all else.
I love the fact that it was here that I started my humble career as a writer and the opportunities I got here have made me the happy person I am today. I love Sheikh Zayed Road, even more so now because I can actually drive now. I got my license a long time ago but started driving alone to work only recently. It is so much fun to put on some favourite music and drive down. Just follow the big ass bus or enjoy changing lanes in the disciplined traffic.
Dubai meant setting up our first independent home. Then when we moved to Dubai I got to do up my home all from scratch as the home we live in now is the first we've owned. I'm very proud of my home. I put every little thing in it with my own hands and I love spending time in it. I'm not much of a social butterfly, more of a homebody and given a choice would spend hours reading or vegetating in front of the tv. When I didn't have a full time job that used to happen often but now I look forward to the weekends to be on my own.
Recently our office moved to Sheikh Zayed Road and I have the best view. I can see the cars whizzing by and the trains crossing each other. For some reason I get mesmerised when the trains pass each other and cannot look away. I love the big windows and the light that comes in and illuminates my desk.
I've met so many wonderful people here. It would be difficult to name all of them but it would suffice to say that I've been fortunate. And with that I want to thank this city for changing my life in such a wonderful way.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

been a while

since i wrote anything here. So much has happened since I said something on this blog. Life has changed and it has remained the same. There's little I can share on this forum simply because it is so public. May be I wshould start another blog on which I can write stuff that you won't find if you googled my name.
My latest love is an African Grey parrot. I saw him a couple of days ago in a pet shop next to my office. Somehow I feel a kinship to him. When I tap on the window he comes up and taps the glass with his beak. He is the biggest and greyest bird available in the shop. They say Agrican Greys learn to speak. I would love to take him home but my house is crammed with furniture so I have nowhere to keep him plus he is quite expensive and I can't afford him. For now I go to the pet shop every day and say hello to him and he looks at me with wide round eyes. And taps hello.