Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cold morning

No I don't feel like writing but I made a promise to myself so here I am slowly allowing the words to flow. I was watching cricket yesterday in the afternoon. There was a time I used to hate cricket with a vengeance then I happened to see Flintoff and I thought he was gorgeous so I started watching just to ogle at him. My husband realised he could use this to his advantage so even when Australia was playing he would tell me Flintoff would be along soon and I would happily wait while he watched his game with a barely suppressed grin. Yes he fooled me like that for a long time and slowly I got into the game and actually started enjoying it. Now I love watching cricket and I find the commentary so soothing that I can easily take a nap while the TV hums.

I was thinking last evening I would have nothing to write about as I was feeling quite sick thanks to a bad tummy but something always happens. That's life. It never lets you down in the end. I got my eyes checked yesterday and they put some drops in to check my corneas. The good news is that my corneas are just fine. The bad news is that I had blurry vision for a few hours so I could neither read nor write so I watched Lord of the Rings. Suddenly the fire alarm went off. Now this has happened before and has always been a false alarm so we were a bit slow to react. Anshuman went out and Ninna followed him. He came back immediately and said,"It's a fire on our floor." I panicked for a second. I threw on a sweatshirt and got out, grabbed Ninna in my arms and saw that there was smoke coming out of the flat two doors down. And then I saw a guy walking towards me with a silly grin on his face,"I burnt something in the oven. It's nothing." He said to everyone who had come out into the gallery. I stood there in my short housedress with ridiculous giant flowers on it, a dirty sweatshirt, bare feet with my dog dangling in my arms. I wanted to slap the guy a little bit but then I thought that could well have been me. Yes I could easily burn something in the oven. I felt a kinship towards my fellow idiot and went back inside.

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning today and even though mornings are nice I need the sun to make a full appearance before I let my feet dangle from the bed into flip-flops. Still it's rather nice this cold morning. I hope you'll have a lovely day!

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