Friday, February 29, 2008

Good energies

Some people believe that if they tell the whole world about good things like a job interview or pregnancy ( Both are similar in that one gives birth to a boy or a girl and the other to a yes or a no)something will go wrong. I have never been that way. I soak up love and blessings like asponge. When asked a straight question I find it very hard to lie outright or make up something to hide an important event.
So in that spirit I would like to share a new development in my life. My father suggested that i should paint when i was in Bombay. I bought everything but didn't actually paint. I started painting in Dubai at a gallery called Jamjar about an year ago. I loved making a painting on this huge canvas so much that I decided to start painting at home. I bought an easel. I bought Winsor and Newton brushes which was like a dream come true. I had seen them with someone at NID. She had got them from UK. I envied her so much. It was a beautiful set in a wooden box. I smile as I remember it.
So I started painting and I loved it so much. I put up the pictures here and so many of you responded with so much enthusiasm that i contacted Jamjar. They saw pictures of my paintings and asked me to meet them this Monday.
So I have been thinking about it all this week wondering if they will like my paintings or not....hoping and praying. It's easy to paint in the safety of one's home but tough to put one's self out there for others to judge. It's like sending my film to a festival and then getting a we regret to inform you email in return.
I like painting so much that I don't want to ever stop doing it. Sometimes I am filled with hope and sometimes with a feeling of impending doom. I honestly do not paint for an audience. I never want to. I still wonder if they will hold up in the eyes of strangers.
It's the kind of thing that makes me want to curl up and sleep for a long time but even then I dream of taking an English language exam that I cannot read.
So I want all of you who read this to send good energies my way. I need them.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I watched the 4.00 pm show absolutely alone in the theatre. The movie clearly did justice to the book even though two scenes were cut by the censor here. My eyes welled up at the plight of the sweet brave Hassan. Those who haven't read this book should see the movie and those who have will watch it for sure in any case.
I got a bit spooked when the lights went off just before the trailers began but all was well again when the screen lit up.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank you

Everyone who took the time to see and appreciate my paintings. Felt good. I have painted some more since the last post. will post pics soon. till then Thank you so much.