Saturday, December 14, 2013


Yes for a while there I literally went underground and for good reason. I needed to go underground for reasons of introspection and more importantly just to look at life and not necessarily write about it. So let's launch into some small tit bits right away.

SO I was waiting outside the mall waiting for a friend and this cat came along. I have a terrible history with cats. They've bit me twice and once in Cyprus some kittens scratched me viciously so when this orange tabby came dangerously close I just froze. She languidly went on making eights around my feet while I was terrified waiting for the inevitable hiss and scratch. She did neither and sat down next to my feet for the longest time but I only began breathing normally once she left.

I missed going to Arte yesterday but I was so tired from the day before that that I just didn't have the energy. You hear some very heartwarming stories from Arte sometimes. Twice I've heard the an artist gave away their work for free because the prospective customer loved the painting so much. There was a bond between the artist and the patron in a matter of minutes and money became inconsequential. It's so beautiful to hear...