Monday, January 27, 2014

Monkey's bum

So my face looks like a monkey's bum. I got my eyebrows threaded and I always go red and cry with tears escaping my eyes as the woman pulls each individual hair. I've complained about this before. These are times when I certainly wish I was I man although shaving my face everyday is not something I'd look forward to either. On the other hand I could be one of those long bearded Gandalf like mysterious and intellectual men. Yes I might enjoy that. On second thought I like being a woman too much.

I was a bit under the weather again most of yesterday hence no post last night. I watched a little bit of Chashme Baddoor for a while. I mean the original with Farooq Sheikh, Dipti Naval not the monstrosity that someone made last year. I loved those films ( rang birangi, naram garam, khatta meetha, choti si baat) with actors like Farooq, Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha. My sister once made a funny observation about Vidya Sinha. "This woman is always either drinking tea or sleeping." She said.

The sun is hiding somewhere today and it's a peaceful day. I'm feeling much better than yesterday. I cooked aloo methi and dal yesterday. The aloo methi got a bit overcooked but tasted fine. I wish I could have made it crunchier. It became a bit of a bharta. Next time I guess. I still haven't fired my cook even though he is pissing me off every time that he comes. I just don't have the heart to fire someone. I just feel awful about it. Sigh...

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