Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Driving and designer bags

So I got my license eons ago but I didn't dare to drive alone for the longest time. Anshuman is a wonderful man but he is very protective when it comes to driving. Somehow he thinks I would be reckless on the road which is far from the truth. For the longest time I only drove with Anshuman in the passenger seat and often ended up really stressed trying so hard not to make a mistake. I asked him several times if I should try driving alone but cautious as he is about my safety the answer was always a negative.
So one day while I was on a holiday and unable to go to India because my visa was in transit I decided to take the plunge and drive to my office alone. My heart beat fast when I changed lanes and I kept checking the speed not wanting to go overboard in my first attempt at driving alone. When I reached the interchange of course I tried to change lanes and people honked at me and gave me dirty looks but I persisted and resultantly got lost for a while. I sweated and fretted about how to get back on to the main highway called the sheikh zayed road. And I did get back on it and I did get to office and parked perfectly at a 60 degree angle. And then I smoked a congratulatory cigarette and came back home.
My legs were shaking with the excitement by the time I got home. I had not told anshuman about my little adventure and I was so thrilled and proud when I did tell him. I knew if I had asked him first he would never have agreed. So the lesson is that you have to take the risk. Face the danger. The most that can happen is that you will have an accident and die and God forbid if you do then it is just your time. I mean i don't want to sound morbid but if you don't take chances and if you don't test yourself it would be hard to achieve things that you dream about and are just too scared to go for it!
So now I know how to go to my office and back. How to go to ibn battuta mall and back. Recently I went to mall of the emirates and got hopelessly lost while trying to get back to office. Anshuman later said I am like abhimanyu in the Mahabharata, I know how to get to mall of the emirates but I don't know how to get home from it. Anyway the point is the more I drive the more I get comfortable and gain confidence.
I still get lost sometimes but that doesn't scare me. In fact I look forward to the 25 minute drive every morning when I listen to music and really relax. Driving has now become dare I say almost therapeutic. I wish I had had the guts to go out on my own earlier but the better late than never.
You must be wondering about the rest of the title of this post. I have seen many Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags and frankly they fail to turn me on. I believe unless you fall in love with something that expensive it is of no point to make a real effort to possess it. I happened to go to the Carolina Herrera shop. Actually I saw a bag in the shop window and I had to go in and see it. As it turned out it was a Carolina Herrera shop. The bag I saw was brown in an amazingly soft material that I caressed lovingly.
There were so many beautiful bags that were so out of my league financially that I walked out of the shop wistfully. I have to admit that the sales staff was very very polite and helpful and friendly and I was happy I had decided to walk in.
So I thought may be I should check out Louis Vuitton as well since they are supposed to have great stuff. So I went in. I hated the bags. They were the dirty brown colour of a shit. I mean I'm sorry guys but you're paying for shit. The sales woman was a snotty conventionally beautiful, immensely tall complete and thorough bitch who gave me the most snobbish look I have ever seen.she told me the price of a shiny blue large bag which looks like it was made out a material that sofas are made out of sometimes in some peoples home that have gross bad taste, it's called rexine. Awful. The designs were shit and the prices were bigger shit.
So I decided to walk in to Dior. The designs were not that great but the staff was nice so I won't rant and rave about it.
All in all I think I would like to get a Carolina Herrera bag but I have no idea how in hell I could justify the cost!