Sunday, November 26, 2006

Heaven's autorickshaw

If she walks out on you at 5 am
wades through thigh high rain
runs towards an auto rickshaw
that's always there like a speck of a
vision from heaven's window pane

Don't try to follow
or try to guess where she's off to
She may be running beacause she can
She may have stopped to sit with you for 2 years
because mostly you're a funny guy

Wait for about 7 months
You will get a letter may be
with a lipstick mark luscious and full
and if you're not careful it
will cause your wife to quarrel

So if she leaves at 5 am
and all music sounds like a broken nail
just know that she will find that autorickshaw
come rain, storm or hail

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Susu potty

My little puppy is 5 months old. It has been a joy and a pain to watch her grow. When you open the door to come home she does a little ballerina dance on her hind legs around you. I sometimes feel like putting her in a tutu and taking a picture. Anshuman usually stands outside till she completes her dance which lasts for a good 5 minutes.
The thing with her is that she gets equally excited about anyone that comes home and wants to lick their faces wet. I have stopped wiping my face after food as she does the job so much better although Anshuman hates it. "Papa no like lickie!" he says which she neither understands nor listens to. She has the most elegant way of getting your attention. She gently touches my arm with a paw till I either pick her up or give her food. I pick her up a lot and pretty much treat her like a tiny person. I have been told on good authority that dogs need discipline. I have spoilt her terribly I confess. I've never had a dog before. May be it is my need to smother her so much but she certainly seems to love it.
She is allowed on the furniture. She likes to jump on the bed. She quietly gets into bed in the morning and goes to sleep happily. Though things have changed since the last two days. We got a crate ( a large metal grilled cage) for her and now she spends a lot of time in it. It became necessary to potty train her. She used to go on a newspaper since she was too young to be taken out.
The first night she cried so much and sometimes it really felt like a child crying. It was like the first night when we got her home. I kept going to reassure her half the night and anshuman the rest. She is doing much better now that she knows whenever she goes into the crate she gets a piece of chicken as a treat.
She really enjoys going out and sniffs around everything, sometimes digs in the sand and brings me bottle caps or some other junk she lays her mouth on. I ofcourse have to stick my finger in her mouth to get rid of the foriegn object. It reminds me of my sister. She used to eat large ants and mud as a kid and I was forever sticking my finger in her mouth to get it out.
I never thought I would get so much joy in watching a puppy successfully pee and crap in the open !!