Monday, January 20, 2014

Aubergine a la fuck up

So the good news is that the Matar Paneer from yesterday was successfully rescued by my husband and I enjoyed it for lunch today. The bad news is that I tried making the simple baingan ka bharta and fucked it up real nice. Where do I even begin? The learning is that when you grill the baingan it shrinks and hence the proportion of the masala to the sabzi gets screwed in the hands of a first time idiot. The good news is that I made perfect dal something I'm quite good at. The bad news is that none of the chapatis ballooned like they're supposed to. So all in all it has been a mixed day cooking wise. Tomorrow might be better or worse I really don't care. I mean I care about tomorrow in general just not about how good or bad my kitchen appraisal is going to be.

No change in the brilliant weather since yesterday. The breeze is cold. The sky is cloudy. The sunshine is just gorgeous. I watched a stupid romcom called 'How do you know'. Eminently missable film. I rented it from movie on demand from Du (the cable service provider) and I want my 12 dirhams back. While I was walking around I found another pair of shoes leaning neatly against a wall in the sunshine as if they had been drenched in the rain and the owner was walking around somewhere in slippers waiting for them to dry.

A thought occurred to me today. I think the most beautiful thing about life is that no matter how much detail you plan it in it never ceases its ability to surprise you each day. I mean I had five different dreams last night which also means that I woke up five times in the night and am falling asleep now. But my point is that even if the inconsequential thing that you observe on three different days is a pair of shoes, each time is unique and each story is unique and your thought process is unique and the story you build around them in your mind is unique.

And now I'm going to sleep. Goodnight folks!

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