Thursday, October 29, 2015


You know how it is, sometimes you meet someone and you instantly connect. It was exactly like that when I met Poornima almost a year ago. Our friendship has grown to be such a close and wonderful relationship that I feel grateful to have her in my life. Friends are so important and not the "Hello, how are you? How's work?" variety but the ones you can have long heart to heart chats with. The ones you can call anytime without worrying about whether they might be busy. You know they will make time for you. Here's to our almost one year friendersary (I cooked up a silly word)! May you all have such precious people in your life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Inspector Mili

I've been away for a while, what can I say, life took over. That's my Jack Russell Terrier - Mili. She will be two years old this December and yet she remains to be a puppy. She follows me everywhere and that means everywhere. There are no private moments while Mili is around. She has sharp teeth conducive to chewing everything from my slippers to her own bed. The ladies at Ipanema slippers in Ibn Batuta have come to recognise me well as I replace Anshuman and my own slippers almost every month. I mean I try to remember to leave everything chewable in the bedroom but sometimes the slippers get left behind in full view and Mili breaks a single strap in two making it necessary to visit Ipanema yet again. She eats everything from Onions to Idlis and if some dal falls on the floor it disappears before I can get to the mop. She has decapitated and killed all Ninna's (My French Bulldog) toys including a teddy bear, a duck and a turtle. Nowadays she has her eye on a little tweety bird I got for Ninna from India. Ninna enjoys playing with her toys and even chewing on them gently but Mili destroys them. Even the slightest noise gets her to the source and inspect the area carefully for intruders and for that reason Anshuman calls her Inspector Mili.
But all that said she's a very loving little girl. She loves cuddling up next to me. If I talk to her in a soft tone she licks my nose. If I speak in a harsh tone she looks at me with that guilty dog look that makes me laugh. I just can't stay mad at her for too long. She's much too cute for words and such a joy.