Sunday, January 19, 2014

Milky chai

So I made horrible milky tea today but I'm such a lazy ass I didn't bother to make it again and am drinking it as I write this. Bleth! So bad. I dreamt I was watching a movie this morning about multiple murders and it was such an exciting mystery but I don't remember much of it now. Dreams are so fragile that if you don't stay in bed for that extra ten minutes with your eyes closed you forget it very quickly.

It was a lovely day yesterday and I fell asleep so quickly I didn't write in the night. Pushpita made yummy chicken in the afternoon and and I watched The Little Mermaid on the laptop with Sohana perched on my lap. I fed her rice and chicken and had to remind her to chew at one minute intervals. She just happily sits there with her mouth full of food engrossed in the movie. I must say that Prince Eric is quite the dish. In the actual fairytale by Christian Hans Andersen the little mermaid does not marry the prince. She turns into foam and basically dies of a broken heart as the prince marries someone else. But thankfully that was too heartbreaking an end for the beloved Disney and in their version the mermaid marries the prince. I do love happy endings.

I went to Ravi with Ankita, Pushpita and Ravi with the kids. Somehow the food turned out to be quite bland and we were all rather disappointed. The kebabs were really nice though and the chana dal was good too. There were a bunch of French people sitting next to us and one of them spoke non stop the entire time that we were there. I realised I don't think I could ever carry off a monologue for that long even if I tried. I believe brevity and concise speech are highly underrated. Use your words very very carefully I say.

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