Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Being pissed off

So I'm really pissed off for a multitude of reasons-

a. I didn't get a call I was expecting and I can't call back for fear of appearing needy on the other hand my inner voice is constantly telling me, " Fuck appearances!" Thankfully I take everything my inner voice tells me with a bag full of salt.

b. I didn't go to a place I should have as a direct result of expecting the aforementioned phonecall. Inner voice tells me, " You're entirely too hopeful and disorganised" I beg to differ because I actually have a planner which tells me exact birthdays and lesser appointments and not future.

c. I have a pain in my neck which comes and goes in the manner of someone who chooses to be your friend but isn't really. Inner voice has said several times to take Panadol but... yes you guessed it I haven't taken any. I'll just wait till it goes away or gets bad enough for me to go to a doctor or inner voice begins saying over and over again ' It's throat cancer! It's throat cancer!"

d. Ninna is in heat. For some reason I thought bitches didn't have periods. The vet has told me to buy some panties for kids and make her wear them so she wouldn't spot everything she sits on. I am still recovering from this. Ninna is sluggish and non responsive mostly and my inner voice is quiet on the subject. Although it just said, " What do you think happens when a bitch is in heat?" I ofcourse thought it mates with a dog or several dogs but the notion of blood didn't enter my head. I'll stop on this subject right away and apologise to those who have been grossed out by it.

e. Anshuman is watching a movie with guns in it. It is loud and mostly incomprehensible saga of drugs and violence. The loudness of it is what gets me plus some movies overdo background music I think for the lack of any dialogue. I prefer sword fights as a sword makes a swish sound as it chops off a head. Much easier on the ears although tougher on the eyes.

So these are the reasons why I am pissed off in general althoughy lovely 80's music makes things better. So many memories attached to the post about memories and this space..Inner Voice," Yeah right they'll be watching for a month!" Oh shut up.