Sunday, August 31, 2008


i just shook someone's hand and it was like holding a dead rat. If you're going to shake hands do justice to the gesture. Be friendly and firm about it. On the other hand don't crush the other person's hand and shake it up and down like you're drawing water from a hand pump.
I hate rats.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Office office

It is a typical day at work. It is my second week here s i think i know what a typical day is. I am loving the fact that I have the company notebook, my own landline, a leather backrest in the toilet, Large windows overlooking swimming pool, company pencil, company email id, large cafeteria with buffet lunch mostly arabic( salads, humous, khoubous, rice, pasta, meat with gravy, meat without gravy and excellent dessert), shared files on itunes and chilled out boss.

I hate waking up and realising I have missed the bus and then taking taxi, sweating on my neck when asleep in cab, losing things in cab like my rose quartz crystal angel, jostling for a window seat in the bus every day, walking in the heat for 20 minutes from bus stop to home, lebanese people talking in arabic all around me, one guy in particular shouting and scaring me saying "SUBWAY!!"

In case I forgot to mention it the best thing about working is listening to Dire Straits all day !