Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fish cutlet

I had the best fish cutlet today. Anshuman made them in the afternoon and I ate them with great relish and speed tucked between two slices of bread, the cutlet I mean not me. I also look much like a cutlet these days and the above picture is testament to that. Anyway back to Anshuman's cutlets, I mean fish cutlets cooked by Anshuman. I liked them so much I went back and got more fish in the evening and now I have pretty much bulldozed him into making them again. The darling that he is, he's making them.
Unlike me Anshuman likes to cook. Most of the time his experiments turn out well. I'm lucky. He takes criticism very well too and I can be honest about the masala and other stuff. I think his father has passed on his cooking skills to him. He also cooks exceptionally well.
It's strange that when I started writing this I was going to write a poem but it ended up being prose and sometimes the opposite happens...strange

Monday, December 11, 2006

On a day like today

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you know it's going to be a beautiful day no matter how much you may try to screw it up. Today is precisely such a day. It's wonderful, breezy and cool outside with a cloudy colorful sky thrown in. You can take a look through the window and know that God has made His intentions very clear now it's upto you to follow His lead and make something of the morning, afternoon and night. It's your responsibility to go out and meet life with open arms and a cheerful stride.
Ah! I feel so good. I'll have a cup of tea covered with a blanket and the dog, supported by two pillows on my sofa and read a novel till I fall asleep. God's intentions though all good require too much effort. All I know is that this day is bound to be good inside and out.


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