Friday, January 24, 2014

Sunny day out

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been coming by and reading my random writings and then launch into the lovely day it's been. So yes thank you.

I went to the Rugby Sevens ground for the first time. I have no  interest in Rugby. I don't even know how it's played. There was a display of six Porsches there so off I went along for the ride with Anshuman. On the way after having driven straight for quite a while my husband suddenly said,"Where IS this Rugby Sevens??" I looked at him, smiled and replied," Heh! Heh! Heh! I don't care." And I didn't. My motives are very clear. I just love singing in the car, buying Zatar and Cheese Manakish, muffin and coffee at the petrol station and hogging. I dropped crumbs and coffee all over my sweater and messed up his car but he's used to that sort of thing. He just smiles.  And since this beautiful yellow Cayman S was parked there I asked him to take a picture. I got to wear my blue scarf style necklace and it was gorgeous sunny day. Perfect.

It is an extremely rare and special day when my husband willingly takes me to a mall so when he offered to take me to the Outlet Mall I was obviously delighted. Everything is supposed to be at slashed prices so I was looking forward to getting some great bargains.  The first shop I walked into was not a major brand and I figured the prices would be fairly low. I browsed around for a while and when I checked the price of a skirt it was slashed down from 1,500 dirhams to 800 dirhams. In my mind I laughed,"Bwahahahahaha!!!!". I walked out right away. A Burberry bag that costs 7,500 dirhams was available for 4,000 dirhams. Again,"Bwahahahahaha!!!!". Finally I did pick up an Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume because it was the first perfume I ever bought from Dubai Duty Free and I like it. When I told Anshuman that he seemed deeply puzzled and disturbed. He'll get over it. He always does. He stopped trying to make sense of my reasoning a long time ago.

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