Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting comfortable

There's always a process,a ritual if you will that is involved in getting co
fortable in your space. For example you get up in the morning and you always have the hangover of a dream. I do. And every once on a while you just cannot remember what your subconscience was trying to tell you last night. This leaves an emptiness in the mind space and hovers around you in the bathroom mirror. You open the door to pick up the paper and on that particar day the Thursday entertainment magazine is suspiciously missing. You realize the paper insists you are one day ahead of the scheduled day. It's only Wednesday and the weekend is much further than you thought. You make tea. The milk boils over. You try to clean the stove. The paper towels catch fire. You manage to douse it out with a dish towel before the smoke alarm goes off. You take your too strong tea and sit down. You have to get up. The paper is still on the kitchen counter and the very small act of getting up makes you so very tired.
The point is that there are days when you will spill the coffee on your favourite shirt or on your boss's favourite shirt. They will discontinue your favourite show on tv. You will fail your driving test and you won't get that call you've been waiting for for two months. The whole world will seem to go to shit.
But at the end of the day it's just a day and it will go away.