Monday, October 14, 2013

Splashing around

So the Eid holidays have begun and we had quite a splash today at Anshuman's cousin's place. They have a lovely home quite close to where we live. They threw a pool party and off we went. Now I did learn to swim but I'm still a bit scared of water so I stayed out of the pool and attacked the yummy carrot sticks like a hungry bunny. I actually woke up at noon today so in my defence I was really famished. Everyone jumped into the lovely pool and had a great time playing some version of pool handball with buckets serving as
the goal. It was great fun with much laughter and I was content cheering the swimmers on from the sidelines. Phani and Rajat have a beautiful home with an enviable art collection. I found this ballerina by a Pakistani artist called Jamil Baloch done in pencil. The brilliant strokes and the sheer skilled control of the artist took my breath away. Somehow her outstretched hands and upturned face made me feel as though she is waiting for it to rain down from the skies. Another beautiful little person I met was a one and a half year old little girl called Nandini. In all the time I spent with her she went up two stairs and then came down the same two stairs with the help of a pillar some hundred times. SHe is still finding her feet and has mastered going up the stairs on her own but coming down is still a challenge but she's a very focused young person and I'm sure she will master the skill very very soon.

The food was yummy and I had more than my fair share of dessert- kheer, rasgullas and halwa. I'm so stuffed and satiated that I could take a very long long nap. I think I will. Happy Eid!

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