Saturday, October 12, 2013

All dolled up

I love getting dolled up. I don't like doing it everyday in fact if I had to put on makeup regularly it would make me quite miserable. It was Anamika's 40th (Ana for short) birthday and I thought why not get a new dress. I mean you don't even need an excuse to buy a new dress. So off I went to my beloved Ibn Batuta. I tried on some twenty dresses but this one stole my heart. I usually stay a mile away from red but the embroidered dress looked so perfect I had to get it. The dress code was 'dare to bare'. Trust Ana to come up with that one and hence the grand canyon of a neckline. I decided to do another thing out of character. I wore a heart around my neck. I bought it because it was so pretty but even as I was buying it I was thinking to myself that I'm never going to actually wear a heart. But I was feeling rather adventurous, it was an all girls party and women are usually kind to one another. I mean even if you commit a fashion faux pas they are sensitive enough to not say anything to your face. I drove down to her place and since I've never driven myself there of course I got hopelessly lost. I must have called Ana some twenty five time before I finally made it to the party. There was a lively bunch of women gathered in the living room. I met some friends I hadn't seen for a long long time. I love hugging my friends and I got to hug so many at the party that my heart was filled with the warmth of joy and sheer love. It felt really good.

And that's the lovely birthday girl with me. I'm not sure what we're looking at and my phone gave us both red eyes but I will treasure this lovely memory of two happy girls for a long long time. There was a small play about how Kumar proposed to Ana and it was hilarious with a lot of dancing. Gracy in particular is such a fabulous dancer that it was wonderful to watch. Ana was grilled with some risque questions on a chat show called 'coffee with Ana' and there were audience questions too. Ana faced the queries with her usual sense of humour and we laughed a lot. After a lot of dancing to item numbers I was ready to call it night. The cake was the torso of a muscled man with the top button of his jeans undone. The lone candle was put in at a strategic place and led to much laughter. It was a yummy cake and I enjoyed my little piece very much. I think I had the liver of John Abraham as it was supposed to be his musles we were digging into. As I walked out and went down two stairs my stilettos got entangled with each other, I lost my balance and fell face down on the floor. Fortunately there was no one to see the disaster and I gathered myself and my bag. I sat down on the swing in the lawn, took deep breaths and took off my shoes for a while. Finally I walked bare foot to the car and drove home and fortunately this time I didn't get lost!

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