Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rush: The sport and the men

I went to Ibn Batuta yesterday to drool at the new retina display Macbook Pro at the Apple store. The cinema is right next to it and I thought why not watch a movie so I bought two tickets for Rush simply because it has Chris Hemsworth in it. Yes I'm one hundred percent prime time in love with the man who plays the Norse God Thor. I'm eagerly awaiting the reprisal of his most famous role in the sequel.

But I digress, I'm here to talk about his latest flick directed by Ron Howard- Rush. When the movie began and I heard the screaming tires on the race track I thought the only good thing about this movie is going to be Hemsworth's baby blue eyes but I was so wrong. He plays a flamboyant Formula One driver James Hunt who is pitted against the rat faced, risk averse racing genius Niki Lauda. The film is based on a true story but many who have known the two men in real life have said that the director has taken many cinematic liberties in portraying the rivalry between the two. All that apart Ron Howard expertly sketches two strong characters and more than that two men with a passion for the same sport but with distinctly different personalities and approaches to it. While the reckless risk-taking of Hunt's character is thrilling, the dedication, intelligence, tenacity and persistence of Lauda's character moves your heart.

What really got me applauding the film was the respect that develops between the two men. It is not a begrudging respect but a genuine admiration for the other man's abilities. I thought to myself if you combine the two men you'd have the perfect race car driver but somehow one knows that that's not how it should be. Both the actors played their characters with great finesse and skill. The story is not only a thrill on wheels it is inspiring and anyone who loves sports will never forget this one!

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