Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Today Anshuman and I complete 13 years of marriage. I have two fond memories of my wedding. Well actually there are a lot of fond memories but these two are my favourite. The first one is our pheras at my home in Delhi and the other one is the time I was standing outside the wedding Shamiyana waiting for my mother and the videographer to come and for some reason I thought why not have a smoke and so I did. I quite enjoyed that cigarette, my last as an unmarried woman.

My husband is a quirky guy and sometimes he says the damndest things. Here are a few of them in honour of our anniversary. Enjoy!

Anshuman- What do you want for our anniversary gift?
Me: I thought of something but I think it's too expensive so I won't ask for it...
Anshuman: It's ok I'll sell my liver for it

At the mall 

Me: isn't that a pretty dress?
Anshuman: why doesn't anyone ever say - isn't that a pretty mannequin? What about the substance? I think the person who makes mannequins must be saying it.

Me: Anshuman please eat some fruit.
Anshuman: Then get me fruit I like. I like peaches and plums. I call you my peach and my plum. Did I ever call you my pear?

Me- "Do you think I'm pretty?"
Anshuman- "you're the prettiest girl in the whole world, in the whole universe. I see your face in the stars. I see your teeth in the stars. You're batwoman and a vampire with a perfectly round face.

Anshuman- do you like your dessert?
Me- no
I taste his dessert. 
Anshuman- do you like it?
Me- yes
He switches his dessert with mine. A few seconds later...
Anshuman- what do you say?
Me between gulps of dessert- thank you

Me: what are you doing?
Anshuman: I'm smelling a 20 dirham note.
Me: why?
Anshuman: because I want to see what it smells like.


Bhawna said...

Looks like 2000 was the year of marriages. I celebrated my 13th last month. Congrats and wishing you a lifetime of togetherness and laughter with your husband cum stand up comedian cum teawaala cum co-passenger :)

parul gahlot said...

Thanks so much Bhawna! :)