Thursday, October 24, 2013

Déjà vu

Sometimes you see something and you get the feeling that you'e seen something before as they call it in French- Déjà vu or 'already seen'. It happens to me quite often and may be all that means is that things get repeated a lot in my life. Anyway I was walking with Ninna the other day and I saw a pair of slippers under a hedge. I wondered who they belonged to and why they left them there. They certainly belonged to a man and since the mosque is close by I thought may his slippers were stolen from the mosque before and the man decided to leave them under the hedge to avoid losing them. But then I thought there was just as much chance of them getting stolen from their present place. I moved on and enjoyed the long walk.

Next day I found the slippers in the exact same place. I looked around and there was no one around. I thought to myself may be someone just ditched them but that couldn't be true. I mean you would throw away slippers if they were torn or really old or you lost one and the other became useless. these looked in fine condition. I moved on and enjoyed the long walk. Yesterday as I walked with Ninna I looked for the slippers under the hedge and there was no Déjà vu. The slippers were gone. I looked around and saw two men speaking on their mobiles. Both of them wore shoes so someone had taken away the slippers. I wondered if the owner himself had taken them or someone who really needed slippers decided they were a kind gift from God.

I moved on and took a long walk.

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