Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Paratha Disaster

Anshuman wanted Aloo Parathas for dinner yesterday and I promised I would make some for him. Now it has been a while since I made parathas but that is no defence for making something as horrid and inedible looking as the paratha on the left. The potatoes got boiled and mashed too much. I put so much salt in it that even I could barely eat two and even that because i was really hungry. As you can see the potato filling came out of everywhere as I made an attempt to make a roundish shape with the belan (rolling pin) and thus the paratha disaster ensued.

Guess what my husband said,"Very nice." Gotta love that guy.


Jayanthi Narayan said...

Parul.. try this one add atta smashed potatos n spices. Knead soft dough roll out n in medium hot tawa cook both sides. If u spread little ghee it tastes great .

Ofcourse be careful with salt this time.

parul gahlot said...

Thanks Jayanthi. Will try it :) come by often!