Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dinner with friends

So I met some close friends for dinner yesterday and it was a leisurely pleasant evening. As you can see I wore this lovely white skirt from Topshop and my favourite blue shoes. My friends kindly complimented me on the skirt and I was thinking to myself I hope they don't notice the tiny hole in the skirt thanks to an ember from a cigarette.

When old friends get together old times come alive. There were so many funny stories told but I can only remember a few. CK and his friends threw a party for some 30 interns in Ahmedabad. The bachelor pad was swept clean and they went to work. When they returned and began climbing to the third floor some water was flowing down the stairs. they began giving the choicest abuses to the stupid fucker who left the water on. Finally when they reached their apartment it was revealed that the stream was flowing from their house. They opened the door and got soaked as the water hit them. The lone mattress in the living room was floating away and the whole house was flooded of course. The amazing thing is that they managed to get the water out in time for the party and had an amazing time getting sozzled in the dry state of Gujarat!


Monica Arora said...

he he he...I admire you for being so modest and honest...the next time u wear that skirt, I'm sure your friends will take an extra effort of findng that hole, lol!

parul gahlot said...

Heh heh! I'll take that risk :)