Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let the festivities begin

Om and Sonia threw a wonderful Diwali bash and it was time to meet old friends. Everyone was dressed in ethnic finery. Some women rocked a sari the way only us Indian women can. I admit I really wanted to wear a sari but if you've been following my blog you'd know that I don't know how. I still have saris given to me by my mother that I haven't worn yet. Still I wanted to wear one but I didn't know whom to call for help. I even thought of going down to the courtyard where a lot of Indian women bring their children down to play then I thought about how the conversation might go if I approach one of them and ask for help.

Me: Excuse me
Stranger woman: yes
Me: Hi my name is Parul.
SW: Hello I'm so and so
Me: Actually I have to go to a Diwali party and I don't know how to wear a sari so I was wondering if you could help me drape one.
SW bursts into laughter.

Yeah so I gave up on that lame idea and settled on wearing a Churidar Kurta instead. The party was lively and I met some people I hadn't seen for months. The highlight of the party for me was the fact that I met someone who likes to read my blog everyday. Vaishali is Anshuman's friend's wife and we've been friends for a while. She said she could relate to my blog and that warmed my heart. She has a beautiful twelve year old daughter Ria and I'm very fond of her. That's us in the picture (L to R Me, Ria, Vaishali, Sonia and Ankita)

Sonia gave me a very thoughtful gift- four beautiful diyas. I had been wondering where I would get them from and I couldn't be more grateful. The smokers were in the balcony as always and old memories of when Anshuman used to be at DDB brought sweet nostalgia to the party. Apparently team DDB played a cricket match against another company's team and instead of water they brought beer in an icebox. Yes of course they lost in grand fashion but the hilarious thing was that when the ball raced away between two fielders both of them pointed towards it expecting the other one to chase it. I would have liked to be at that match. Eleven drunk people playing cricket and actually ducking the ball when it came to them.

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