Friday, October 25, 2013

My silly puppy

It's been a lovely day altogether such a contrast from yesterday's disastrous happening. Well the false ceiling that I had just got repaired a couple of weeks ago fell on my head and scratched my face.  Anyway I don't want to think about that. that's the wonderful quality of time- it passes and things change each day. But I digress. It was a lazy morning and we went for brunch to this lovely place called More cafe. For those of you who are residents of Dubai I must say that the ambience of their outlet in Gold and Diamond Park is the best of all. Some of the art on the walls is rather nice and available for sale if you're interested.
The afternoon was perfect with a cup of tea, the beginning of a new book. No I didn't finish Dracula. I gave up halfway I'm ashamed to say. I started reading a Miss Marple book. Easy to read mystery that is not going to tax my brain too much. I'm just not in the mood for a 'serious' book. Ninna was by my side enjoying the sun as one can now open the windows without turning into steamed dumplings. Anshuman took a few lovely pictures and here they are.

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