Sunday, October 13, 2013


So I went back to Arte the handicrafts fair at Times Square last Friday hoping to run into some old stalls and new ones. I met B (she won't let me writer her complete name for some reason) and we went around the place. There seemed to be lesser people than last time but it was just as much fun to see people selling their wares. I ended up buying two lovely blue bowls, some doggy treats for Ninna, couple of amazing smelling candles and some nice trinkets.

B was distracted easily by cakes and chocolates and I had to keep looking for her every five minutes as the sugary hooks of cupcakes got into her and she got mesmerised. We went and had some tea and lemonade at Starbucks and then drove home. I missed seeing Sue Tyson's stall somehow. I love her jewellery and I didn't spot Palmlights either which was a bit disappointing but all in all it was a lovely day.


Bee said...

Of course it was a lovely day! U were completely mesmerised by me now, weren't you ;)

Parul Gahlot said...

Yeah right Bee! Lol