Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The little pup

There is a pet shop in my office building and sometimes I go there to buy Ninna's food or just to look at puppies. I went there today and found this little pug running around bursting with energy and he made me smile. I would have loved to pick him up and plant a kiss on his sweet face but they keep the pups in glass cages and customers aren't allowed to touch them. This shop has some beautiful birds too. They let you touch and talk to the African Grey parrots. Sometimes they will perch themselves on your hand and it's so wonderful.

So I paid my speeding fine recently. Felt pretty stupid shelling out money like that. Then I thought I've paid only two speeding fines in two years and that's not really so bad is it?  I have to say though driving above 140km/h on Emirates Road was so bloody amazing even though I was clearly lost! 

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