Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lavender and ginger decadence

So yesterday ended so well that I cannot even begin to describe it. Firstly Sam came back from her holiday in London and got me a lovely notebook and a box of English Breakfast Tea. Needless to say I loved both. It was funny because I got her a box of Darjeeling Tea from Bombay.

Now coming to the decadence I indulged in yesterday. So I had a spa treatment scheduled in the evening at a hotel in Marina. I decided to drive down even though I was quite convinced I would get lost and for about ten minutes I did but finally managed to get there well in time. And don't you just love valet parking? Valets are one of the best people I've come across in the modern world. I love driving with a passion and hate parking with an equal passion. Anyway I got to the spa and there were candles lining the path to the changing rooms and the place was so tranquil and smelled so divine that I instantly felt relaxed. After filling out the customary form I was shown into the changing room. The whole spa is done in wood and whites, so pristine and calming it was perfect.

After I changing into a soft cotton bathrobe I sat in the relaxing room with four white sofas, an abstract painting and a lone and lovely orchid plant. I stared for a good twenty minutes at the painting while sipping a cucumber and mint drink which I finally decided was rather nice. The beauty therapist took me to the treatment room which was very spacious unlike some cubbyholes I've been in in the past. She gave me a choice of three oils and I loved the lavender and ginger fragrance. I was thoroughly scrubbed all over and then directed to the shower. And then followed an hour long massage with heavenly smelling oil. The spa music played on in the background which surprisingly included some hinduatani classical vocals and I was comatose for a while. But it didn't end there as I was given a mini facia to end the treatmentl. At the end of it I was positively glowing and felt so relaxed that I wished they would let me sleep at the massage table for a while.

I got late getting home and Anshuman called me on the way home wondering where I'd disappeared. I got home and we watched a couple of episodes of CSI with yummy biryani for dinner. I fell asleep within minutes of hitting the bed and had one of those rare nights when I didn't dream at all. Today promises to be just as good. My friend from NID Monit is in town and I'll be meeting her after years this weekend. Tonight it's Sohana's third birthday and I already bought gifts for both Ahana and Sohana- a bunny and a doll. I hope they won't end up fighting over who wants which one. Hopefully they'll share although that's a bit much to ask of two three year old girls. I haven't seen them in three weeks and I miss them so much. It feels so good to be with them, play with them, dance with them and hold them close. it's a beautiful feeling and I cannot wait to see my little munchkins. I promise pictures tomorrow!

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