Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dead cats

It's been a while since I wrote and now that I am writing it is only to record the absolute nightmare I had today but before that let me tell you why I didn't write all this time. I went to Bombay for a short holiday and luckily it rained and it was very beautiful. We all went to Copper Chimney for dinner one night. The butter chicken was delicious and so was the virgin pinacolada my fave. And that's us waiting for our dinner. I asked the waiter to take this picture and it hasn't come out very clear but it's good for
memory's sake. And here I am with Mukul and his beard. It was so good to see him after months. His film about Indian artists called "To let the world in" is being screened at various film festivals and he is always travelling. I'm happy I got to spend some time with him. He's the best brother I could have asked for and I love and miss him so much.

And here's my husband making yet another face because I want to take a picture of us together.

Anshuman choosing his favourite butter chicken and naan. Me taking photos.

Anna patiently waiting for her Navratan Korma. I miss her. She made yummy parathas for me to take for the flight. It's her happy birthday today and I must not forget to wish her.

And that's me in my animal print skirt going shopping in an auto.

And now that I'm done talking about Bombay let me relate the absolute nightmare I had in the morning. I dreamt that I was going through some residential are where I live but it wasn't a place I had seen before. As I walked though the streets I realised that there were dead and dismembered cats hanging from trees everywhere. I was almost nauseous and I kept thinking there won't be a single cat left. I got home. This home had a back yard and I found a lot of tiny animals walking around. Apparently they were the only ones left. There was a box tied up in the center of the yard and I was afraid what might be in it. I immedeately opened it and realised that there were ten tiny baby elephants in it. I fed them milk with a bottle and kept wondering how to get them to the zoo because soon they would be too big to keep in the yard. At the same time I was afraid because I knew that someone outside was killing all the animals.

At some point I woke up. Thank God I woke up and realised that it was just a dream. Real life is not perfect these days. Something will have to change and until it does I will probably remain a bit tense and the dreams might be disturbing but they are just dreams. They always go away when you wake up. Amen to that.

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