Monday, September 23, 2013

Songs so sweet

Sometimes one does stop and think about why this particular life path? Sometimes I look back and things make much better sense today than they did when they were actually happening so even today when I cannot understand some things I try to tell myself it's all going to make perfect sense in hindsight. It makes me feel better for a few moments and then the doubts and questions rise up again and yet again I try to rationalise life but as of now it is not playing dice. The only thing I'm sure of is that it moves only in the forward direction and the only thing worth anything in life is love. On that very profound note I'd like to share some music  with you as it's been a while... So I've been listening some more to Alison Krauss and also Sarah Jarosz. Here are a few tracks that I'm addicted to these days along with some of the lyrics. If I include all the lyrics this post will become inordinately long and we can't have that!

Long journey by Sarah Jarosz

I have just begun
A long journey that will run
The length and width of summer time
And the cool fall air will guide me home
Yea the cool fall air will blow me home

Run away by Sarah Jarosz

Come take my hand while I’m waiting here
Get away from it all and find what’s real
If we don’t get out now the chance won’t reappear
We can run away

Hold me tight and don’t let go
Sweet and soft no one will know
We can run away

End of a summer storm by Alison Krauss

It's easy to be happy on a sunny day
But I often like it better when a day is grey
May be it rains
And may be you'll stay
Here inside, here with me

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