Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The future

So things are moving forward at a frenetic pace. Frenetic seems to have become my favourite word these days and why not since life is changing so fast. I'm brimming with good energy and rearing to make some very big decisions and yes there are several thousand butterflies fluttering away in my tummy but I can barely contain the excitement and there are so many things I would love to announce but now is not the time and this is not the place so you'll just have to make do with the fact that I'm going to take the leap of faith very very soon and I will need all your good wishes and prayers to land on my feet!

Wow that might be the longest sentence I've ever written! The picture is of us all ready to go to a wedding. I'm wearing very high heels that I've never dared wear again for fear of my feet launching an online petition against them on What else can I say? I'm just praying so hard these days for all the things I want from my life and there are so many many things that I want that the powers that be are having a hard time deciding what to give me first. But I know like most times in my life I'll get what I want.

And how can I leave you without a song for so long so here it is! Enjoy the amazing Alison Krauss

My poor old heart by Alison Krauss and Union Station


Anonymous said...

hope your wishes come true Parul!

parul gahlot said...