Saturday, September 21, 2013


The other day I was telling someone I'm one of those rare people who is lucky in love and in cards. He replied, "That deserves a blog post!" and it certainly does so here we go. Thursday night was teen patti night at Anshuman's cousin's place. They have a lovely villa done very tastefully and they're great hosts. I always look forward to playing cards as I'm a bit of gambler but a pretty cautious one which is kind of a paradox. I love playing poker online even though I haven't played in a while. Someone at the gathering told me that there's a group of people who play poker every Thursday. I'm very tempted to join them but will refrain and not encourage my gambler's gene.
So I dressed nice in my white garb and off we went in a Porsche Carerra 911which Anshuman had for the day. He was driving in the middle lane and for once I encouraged him to take the fast lane. The car is so low that it literally hugs the road and the best part about it is the moment you hit the gas, the engine roars and you get thrown back in your seat. Anyway coming back to cards, I'm still a novice at teen patti and the various variations that people play with. I was playing with my chips and made the two flowers above while Anshuman won the first game and someone remarked that it isn't good luck to win the first hand and that seemed to be true because all through the evening neither of us won a hand. In one of the variations of the game some cards are opened and the jokers keep changing as when someone throws a hand their cards become the jokers. It's a bit complicated and basically means that you might feel like you're winning at one point and then someone throws their cards and you have nothing. The game wasn't making sense to me because obviously I had little skill in it. Anyway we played on and I won the last game with an ace trail and my husband threw his hands in the air and said,"That's my wife!" I love it when he does stuff like that. So it turned out to be a good game finally and I won the very variation of the game that wasn't making sense to me. All the girls suggested going shoe shopping with my loot.

So I did go to Ibn Batuta mall today but I bought my husband a nice perfume. My cleaner had broken a bottle of the same perfume last month even before Anshuman could use it so I thought it would be a nice thing to do. Tim Horton's is opening in Ibn Batuta soon and I'm thrilled about that. I love their coffee. There were the usual array of tourists taking pictures in the mall. I must put a photo of the most photographed elephant in the world on my blog next time. Everyone takes a photo of the elephant and you have to be very careful not to get into the frame of someone so you oddly duck and scurry away at the point.
On the left is my husband pulling a funny face as I try to take a 'nice' picture of us together. I love him to bits but I wish he would be serious once in a year at least. On second thought he's fine the way he is.


soulitude said...

I dont know too much about cards as I dont much enjoy playing cards and I havent been lucky in love so far but there is always a next time :) Ur looking lovely in the white dress. And ur looking even more lovely in the pic with Anshu the man...The bindi adorns ur perfectly chiselled face! It looks very cute when he makes those faces in the pics. God bless the both of u always!

parul gahlot said...

Thank you Shilpa :)