Monday, September 16, 2013

Selfie No. 56473683876263737

So someone once sent me a link about how people who take a lot of selfies (a picture of you taken by you) have self esteem issues. I read through the article and found it to be very well written although it felt like complete bullshit in my case. As my husband will testify I'm in love with my face. I love the way it has changed with time and age. How the hair has gone grey and I've not bothered to slather henna into it for almost a year now. I took this picture last weekend and my friend commented the following," "Nice pic btw. I like it. Looks posh. And promising lol" So I inquired," Promising??" To which she explained,"Promising model with future prospects being very bright." Yes just like you I'm laughing my ass off too. 

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