Sunday, September 08, 2013


So here I am again writing a post in the night which is unusual for me. It's just that even though it helps to write a blog I cannot share everything on it. May be I need to start a personal journal in which I can pen down all my troubles and concerns. Tonight I wish for complete silence which I mostly have and I want to be completely insulated from life which I do not. No one can have that unless they choose to become a recluse and even then the sheer character of life is intrusive. Factors outside your control will always play a major role in whatever you do even if you live all alone and have no need to interact socially. I guess this is just a phase that I'm going through and hopefully will soon be over it. I forgot to put up the picture I took in an auto in Bombay this time I was there so here it is. You can well imagine what my hair looked like at the end of this ride. My darling mum in law asked me,"You got your hair done?" when I got home. I told her,"No the humidity worked it's magic." My hair was twice it's volume and I looked like someone else.

So what else can I say. I feel like there are so many things bubbling under and I'm not saying anything at all. I spent a good part of the last weekend simply staring at the living room wall and thinking to myself and taking long naps. It was as though I went into hibernation for two days. May be I needed it. Do I feel better? I don't know. All I know is that I miss the rain and my mother.

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