Monday, September 09, 2013

Some memories

This time in Bombay I found an old album. I remember I got the paper cut myself and had it spiral bound. This album was unfinished. It was supposed to contain mine and Anshuman's pictures with some writing next to the photos but he never had the time or patience to actually finish it. Here are some of those photos. This one was taken at our Raheja house before we were married and after we got engaged. This house didn't belong to us then and I'm glad that it does now. The view of the National Park is just perfect and so precious. I love this picture. Somehow it captures love so beautifully. You can be almost sure that a kiss followed this moment and it probably did. Needless to say it was taken by our homegrown sensitive lensman Mukul.
This one was taken on our honeymoon at this beautiful little place called Narkanda. It was such a gorgeous view anywhere you looked. I had my first camera a Minolta with me. The camera is set on a tree stump and I clicked the button, ran and sat next to my husband just in time and the picture was taken. Such a happy time that was. I loved every second of it. There was a huge enlargement of this picture in our bedroom in Bombay but it got warped with all the humidity.

I took this picture in Kashid. I remember we carried two cameras because we fought so much over who would take a picture. I carried my trusty Minolta and Anshuman borrowed someone's camera for the trip. I think he still wears that denim shirt. These denim things just never die.

And here we are looking so young and so much in love. He's wearing his favourite denim shirt and I'm wearing his Mudra Advertising "Live your dream" tee. I wore a lot of his T shirts I remember.

When Mukul saw this picture he said,"You two look like babies!" We WERE babies haha!

I took this picture in the basement where I lived for a while in Ahmedabad. I remember I used to call him a hedgehog because he had this short spikey haircut. It wasn't a haircut really. He had gone bald and the hair came out looking like a hedgehog. I remember he came to Ahmedabad with a Champagne bottle to celebrate my graduation day. Quite early in the relationship he had made up his mind I was the one and when Anshuman decides he wants something not much stands in his way. And I'm glad. I love his smile in this picture. So much wonderful innocence about it.

Anshuman on the phone in Mudra looking all young and sweet and innocent. The fun thing is that when I was in Delhi and he was in Bombay he would call me almost everyday on STD. He'd found an open line in the office. The company was slapped with the Rs. 20,000 bill and they still have no idea who the culprit was. They called my parents in Delhi and kept asking if they knew someone who worked in Mudra and I told them to simply deny it which they thankfully did.

When we were chatting on ICQ this was one of the first pictures of himself that he sent me. We will always be grateful to ICQ for getting us together. It was a novel concept those days even though these days every second marriage happens thanks to the miracle of the internet.

Look at that amazing hair!

He was the Toastmaster for a friend's wedding. Here he is giving the speech. I don't remember much of the rest because by then I was quite inebriated and had already said something very inappropriate to his ex girlfriend who was a bridesmaid.

Making a face at my husband. Look at that hair! I do miss it. I'm wearing one of Anshuman's T shirts again.

At Raheja again. Sitting in the balcony, I'm holding the phone next to his ear. We still have this number in Bombay. My first call to him was on this number and this very phone. He have me the handset when I started working. He got another phone. I lost the phone in an auto. I called the number several times. I cried and pleaded but the person at the other end didn't say a word and kept listening to me crying inconsolably. Anyway moving on..

This was taken at the same time in the same house in the same balcony. Mukul used to have an office there at that time. The house belonged to Kuntal then till we bought it from him and now it's home in Bombay.

This was taken by Mukul on a rainy day in Borivli National Park. We went there in our old blue Maruti that Mukul used to drive. Standing there hugging in the rain. Some of the best times of my life.

So we come to the end of a journey full of young love and nostalgia. It's been a lovely ride and almost thirteen years of marriage later I still feel the love.


Gazal said...

Beautiful, touching and truly a post ful of LOVE....he does have a cute smile and I have his wife's permission to say that ;-))

parul gahlot said...

Awwww thanks Gazal :)