Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sohana's birthday

It was Sohana's third birthday on Wednesday and the party was on Thursday night. There were pink balloons everywhere which ofcourse is Sohana's favourite colour. She was walking around in plastic heels along with Ahana. There was constant Tak tak tak tak all throughout the evening. That's Ankita with her little one Ahana and me with the birthday girl and her pink heels. I danced with her in my arms and she actually just hugged me, put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep even as I danced away. Thankfully the two little 'monters' (monsters) did not fight with each other over the gifts I got them. Sohana has named her doll Betty and the Bunny has been lovingly named Pip. Both the girls are happy and so am I!

I wish this picture had come out better but this will have to do. Sohana, her new doll Betty and I. Such a happy moment!

Ankita making one of her many funny faces. I'm so glad she moved here from the US. She keeps threatening that she will go back in two years but I hope she will stay much much longer!

Sohana and her cake. She blew out her candle three times before we could even begin singing the birthday song. She's such a boy, as her mum says and the only girly thing about her is that she likes pink!

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