Saturday, September 28, 2013

Assistant for a day

So my husband very enthusiatically told me he was taking me for a ride in the Cayman S on Friday morning to Fujairah. I was happy to accompany him but what I didn't realise was that he needed an assistant for the day. So I was writing down the route including exactly where the speed radars were the entire way to and from Le Meridien Al Aqah Resort. It's a very nice place and we had a leisurely lunch there. I ate way too much dessert. The next time I see my doctor with the blood reports he's going to cluck
disapprovingly and tell me to curb my enthusiasm for sweet things and lying on the couch. I will look down guiltily and promise myself never to eat chocolate mousse again, at least till the time it presents itself in the form of a cake meant to be demolished completely. I think ever since I've been diagnosed with diabetes I've begun to enjoy sweet things more than I ever did before. Anyway it was a nice way to spend the Friday. The best part of going for a drive is that you can sing together with full power of your lungs. It was great fun as we sang to some nice hindi numbers on the radio at least until the next radar. Anshuman is planning an event and he was mapping a route to Fujairah with the least number of speed radars so that people who will drive to Meridien can speed away as much as possible.

Anshuman drove as fast as 240 km/hr to his great delight. The joy  on his face was really something to behold. The rest of the weekend has been pretty quiet just the way I like it. A much needed trip to the beauty salon and a feast of five bananas later I'm all set to finally begin reading 'Dracula' again. It's a really good book and I promise I will finish it. 

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