Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Digital silliness

So I did learn a lot of drawing at my esteemed design Institute where I spent five great years but I don't think I improved much during my stay. I chose to specialise in Film and Video because I knew it would require minimal drawing input. I cannot even draw a straight line and yet I love to paint. Thankfully it doesn't need a lot of discipline to splash your favourite colours on canvas. I read somewhere that one should practise some form of art even if one sucks at it. I heartily agree. On the left is my attempt at a really bad self portrait which I made on this website . I think I might look like that if I was a thirteen year old Chinese girl. 


Preeti said...

Its rather nice Parul!

parul gahlot said...

Heh heh Thanks Preeti! beauty lies in the eye of the beholder :)