Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two apples and a cup of hot chocolate

So yesterday evening I was watching 'Game of Thrones' season 2. I watched the last episode yesterday and I have to say it's a very very interesting, entertaining and well made series. It has been adapted from a series of books by George R R Martin. There are so many characters and the story follows the family Stark of Winterfell. I started reading the first book and never got around to finishing it even though it was very interesting. I recently bought a thriller novel and haven't got around to finishing that either. Anshuman on the other hand works longer hours than I do and yet has finished the entire Game of Thrones series of books.

There was a time when all I would do is read. I mean literally. I was in Bombay and not working during those days. I used to borrow three books at a time from a small library in Kandivli and devour books only taking breaks to eat food and have endless cups of tea. In fact now that I think about it I gave up drinking tea and coffee for a year or more. I can't for the life of me imagine why I did that.

So yesterday evening after watching the last episode I had to go out to get groceries from Geant the massive hypermarket. The thought of it is tiring in itself. So I went to the mall and ended up buying a pair of shoes and a dress that I'm wearing today. It's not my fault if everything goes on sale and I fall in love with a couple of things on my way to buying groceries.

For some reason I'm not feeling comfortable in my place today. Let me post a few pictures before I try to get comfortable. The height of the chair feels wrong and my little cushion is actually making me feel uncomfortable. Hang on. 

So that's my chair and the new cushion which somehow insists that I sit straight and not slouch. Ya I know that's a good thing but I like slouching in my chair when I work. I've got six Buddhas watching my back. There's something wrong with that sentence.

So I was walking around the mall yesterday and picked up two identical candles. Yankee candle no less. Sparkling snow scent is divine. Reminds me of the bastard Jon Snow. Jon Snow is a character in 'Game of thrones' who is the bastard son of Lord Ned Stark. He takes a vow of celibacy and joins the night watch. You have to read the books or watch the series.

I like Ibn Batuta mall simply because it's the easiest to navigate. It's pretty much a straight line and I usually park at one end, walk to the other end, buy my groceries at the other end and then return to the car pushing my shopping cart. So that's what I did yesterday. I got home, finished putting away the groceries, dress and shoes, dropped on the bed and immediately (hope I spelled that right) got ravenously hungry. So I ate an apple, then I ate another apple and then I had hot chocolate with two spoons of sugar( I know! I know I'm not supposed to!) before my body allowed me to sleep.

Woke up in the morning with a dream. I was collecting answer sheets from my friends in a class exam. Someone had written 50 pages and I was asking him why he wrote so much. Nonsense dreams, entertaining nevertheless. This morning Stevie Nicks sang 'Little lies', Elvis rocked 'A little less conversation' and Madonna sang something I have now forgotten. I came to office to find Claudia and Bhavnaa absconding from work. Well not exactly absconding. They're here now and all is well with the world.


UknowMe said...

Okay to start off, I was not absconding, but putting the final touches to that wonderfully written piece you have in your inbox. So now that said, we move on.

I remember when I met you in 2010, you had said you drink tea all day and I couldn't understand why anyone would spend hours drinking tea, but then again, I'm a tea lover now, so I mean I totally get that sentiment.I'm quite shocked though that you changed loyalties.

Honestly, I cannot imagine you grocery shopping. I'm sure that must have bored you to death. I know you secretly wished you had elves to push the trolley for you.

You had hot chocolate?! Okay, well, I know you're not supposed to have sweet things, but c'mon, I'm sure you must have thought of the wonderful wonderful hot chocolate I made for you. ;)

I like your cushion, but I think it deserves some love.

I also think you need buy a dream journal so it can all make sense one day:)

soulitude said...

Nice post .. I love the cushion and the chair. Ya dont ever stop being tea lover! And like Iv always said in the most immodest way If u have my haath ka chai there is no way u can keep from tea! :) I so agree with ur frand's comment about elves pushing the trolley for u! I can visualise that too! Lil elves running around our royal highness! :) Hot choc is also my fav ... but my tummy has decided that it will not digest milk so I have to dilute it to a maximum which is not as yummy! Yes and everyone shud have a dream journal as it does all make sense ONE FINE DAY :) :)