Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The office diary

This is a lovely notebook I picked up at the KL airport. I've written about three pages in it and I'm sure most of them are about how my handwriting has changed. It's true it has changed so much. Back at NID I had a lovely handwriting which slanted forward and now it switches from squiggles that slant forward to completely erect letters that look so matter of fact. It's true though I'm a lot more matter of fact now than I ever was back then... hmmmm...

These two little ones have been with me ever since we moved in to this office. I always thought they wouldn't last very long but they've been with me for almost a year now. I water them every Thursday otherwise when I come to office on Sunday they wilt and look very sad. I water all my plants on Thursday and when I'm on holiday it falls upon Claudia to look after them and like everything else she does a great job of it.

That's a picture and Anshuman and I at our wedding reception in Bombay more than a decade ago. The angel is there hopefully to protect me and the crystal globe to bring me luck. The little cat is a gift from Samantha and it's supposed to bring me pots and pots of money (hopefully very soon). The cat is sitting where a tea light should be. I ususally have a candle at my desk but I haven't got one for a while now. Again hopefully soon. I remember when this picture was taken. It was a wonderful happy day and I felt gorgeous!

The big cookie jar is now empty. It was a Christmas gift and was full to the brim with candy. I ate all of it of course and was soon diagnosed with diabetes. Phone, check. Cigarettes, check. Post its, check. iPod, check. iPod docking station, check. Lovely pencils and favourite green pen, check.

The two money plants refuse to grow any further and I'm surprised at their tenacity to stay their size despite all the sun and regular water they get. Love the blue planters. The aloe vera plant in the middle was a gift from someone I no longer like at all. Well it's not the plant's fault so he stands proud by the window.

I forgot the name of this plant. Lovely white flowers bloomed regularly on it's stems up until a couple of months ago. This one is rather delicate and cannot stand too much sun so I have to keep the blinds closed most of the time or reduce the temperature. I like cold. Everyone else cribs and wears sweaters around me. I know I should be more sensitive to everyone else's comfort but I guess I have a few rare flaws.

I always wanted a yellow Beetle but ended up with a Pajero which by the way I also have come to love a lot. But a Beetle is just so cute so I recently picked up this handbag. Sadly the zipper gets stuck sometimes but I like it nevertheless. The cute little lunch bag can keep your food the right temperature till I transfer it to the refrigerator. I love the bright colours on both these cuties.

For some reason the people at Home Center sent me this lemony home scent thing along with products from L'oreal. Thanking you very much. The office smells nice and we're all very very happy.

These are random cards I've got in the last year from different people at work. The doggy family is there because one dog can become lonely. The circular fish is actually a towel(it becomes a towel when you put it in water). The Chinese dolls are from Samantha's trip to China. The Gustav Klimt box is from my favourite shop in the whole world Cottage Chic. Someday I'll buy the whole store!

I got this happy little Buddha in KL. He's supposed to attract good energies other than that I just love his laughing face. Someone once told me it's a laughter that stems from detachment. May be it does. I just love the beauty of laughter itself.

So that's it folks! I will return very very soon. (trying very very hard not to make a smiley)


UknowMe said...

Fabulous post today. That's why I had to comment. Obviously I thought you were nuts when you randomly got up to take photographs of non-living objects in the office, but again, I don't think your one of the 'normal' friends (and boss now) I have. And I mean that in a good way :)

Loved the diabetes bit, I couldn't laugh too hard, but if I was at home, I would have laughed quite heartily just like that lovely Buddha you have there.

Yea I love that bag too. We Leos are all about color and glitter, aren't we.

Oh and I've always secretly wondered what was in your cup-cake box, so am glad you told us all.

Loved this post to the core. And by the way, today I'm not in the best of creative spirits hence I'm over indulging in other stuff, but I promise the quiz will be in your inbox tomorrow morning. ( :) )

soulitude said...

Lovely post! Love the way u have gone about describing all the things along with the pics! A nice happy and colourful post rite from the heart! I loved the plants :) There I put one smiley :) Two actually now!!!
And now I have to do the most annoyin bit :/ just to prove that Im not a robot!