Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot chocolate

It's a hot chocolate, candles, incense and Enya kind of night. I remember the first time I heard Enya was at NID when I was in my first year and affectionately called a fachcha along with the rest of my batch mates. Madhvi my batch mate used to listen to Enya every day before she fell asleep. Actually if you hear Enya's music before you sleep you're very unlikely to get nightmares. It's so very soft and flows like gentle river through your soul. It's that kind of night. It's peaceful and quiet, there is the space of a day before I go back to the world of work. I spent most of the day by myself just reading, listening to music, pittering pottering the house, dusting, cleaning, putting things in their place. And now as the day comes to an end everything is as it should be and Enya sings in the Elvish language Sidiron a song called Aniron the theme of Aragorn and Arwen Evenstar. It's a melancholy song so filled with desire and longing. I think it plays in the movie Lord of the rings when Aragorn tells Arwen that they cannot be together because she is Elvish and he is human. Liv Tyler looks ethereal in the scene and Viggo Mortensen plays the torn lover to perfection.

Here's the English translation of the song. I will fall asleep with the promise of peaceful dreams...


From darkness I understand the night
Dreams flow, a star shines
Ah! I desire Evenstar

Having watched the day grow dark
I go into the night, a place to dream
Ah! I desire Elfstone

Behold! the star of stars!
The song of the star enchants my heart
Ah! I desire Evenstar

The flame of the fire of the heart
shines, rises, endures.
Ah! I desire Elfstone

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ScorpionSong said...

Warm and that morning cup of chai that's slowly losing steam and filling your palms and heart with a delicious calm. Sorry for being verbose, but reading your posts gave me that feeling. Especially the one on Enya's music. :) We have met once long back...fleetingly. I was Anshuman's colleague at Network -- Rajashree. :)